Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tonight & Tomorrow - Christmas Show with Peter Combe

Tonight and Tomorrow night at the Vanguard supporting Childhood hero Peter Combe and the Newspaper Mama Band.

Christmas, 1996. Cameron Lyons receives Peter Combe's "Toffee Apple" on CD, to go with the ABC For Kids VHS tapes. Shortly after, we discover the "Program" and "Repeat" buttons on the family stereo. This shit is burned into my brain so hard, I think seeing it live is the final stage in the ABC Youth Education/Brainwashing Program of the Late 80s/Early 90s. Please come and assist in the Spaghetti/Newspaper/Toffe Apple/Orange Juice/Bubblegum flavoured madness. Fry an egg on the Vanguard. Wash your hair with Reschs. Clean your teeth with a Rowda Ya Habibi Kebab.

Facebook event

Doors open 6:30pm
Little Lovers 8:30 – 9:15
Peter Combe and the Newspaper Mama Band 9:45 – 11:00

Diner tickets availalbe.

Monday, November 7, 2011

FBi Tonight - Gaelic Thursday

Tonight on FBi radio. Old man (Glenn) Thompson and myself are on the wireless. We’re on as a part of FBi’s member drive which is rallying behind the ‘family’. So we’re going in a some sort of music associated family vibe thing… I guess. Anyway, we’re talking to Adam Lewis on 'Radiant' and apparently we’ll play a song each or such and like. So catch us on air around 9:15pm tonight FBi online or on 94.5fm.

This week we’re playing the Gaelic Hotel with our Sydney favs the Fabergettes and the lovely duo the Si Claros (Yae Tiger! Masterminds) Come down and check it out it’s a sweet line-up.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Newcastle Adventure Via Twitter

A Little Lovers journey to Newcastle and back via Twitter.

About to head on an adventure to Newcastle. Starting with a cheeky side quest. Assembling expedition party. Current location

Status: failure to launch paranoia. 
Location: Marrickville.
Status: side quest complete. $5.
Location: Earlwood
Status: trying to buy/find speaker cable.
Location: Stanmore
Status: found a dude who made a speaker cable. Running 3hrs behind schedule.
Location: Chippendale.
Status: Getting fuel.
Location: Ultimo.
Status: cruising.
Listening: Ariel Pink.
Location: past Wyong.
Status: BBQ
Listening: Richard in Your Mind
Location: Hamilton, Newcastle
Status: setup at the venue, floor is super sticky.
Location: Cambridge, Newcastle. 

Status: Shane & Brooke own an arcade machine. NBA Jam & Street Fighter.
Location: North Hamilton, Newy

Status: rains a coming. Paul's bummed he didn't get a swim.
Location: Hamilton, Newcastle.
Status: Side quest 2, Paul getting involved in the local traditions.
Location: Newcastle downtown.
Status: Visiting manor. Giant bathroom has a fireplace.
Location: East Newcastle.

Status: more side questing, cafe Roller Door sweet vintage china and spoons.
Location: Hamilton.
Status: On road slammed in storm.
Listening: Turbonegro full blast.
Location: 20km out of Newy
Status: Drove out of storm.
Location: Hit outskirts of Sydney.
Status: Complete.
Location: Marrickville

Monday, October 24, 2011

Newcastle Party Times

Newcastle this Saturday. We're looking forward to playing again especially in Newcastle met some cool kids last time. Thanks to our buddies Yae!Tiger Shane and Brooke from Nice Filly who have been kind enough to invite us back. This time it'll be dirty as ever. Cambridge Hotel, since I saw the Grates, JSS and Vasco Era show aka ‘Tour of debortuary’* I have been ever so keen to play there.  Party Times!

Looking forward to Hopes and Hats Bennet

*‘Tour of debortuary’the invention of the Trombong... good times

Friday, October 7, 2011

Reviews All Round

JJJ Uneathed - Going To The Show
Thanks Nichole, me too, except I'm always having to play it rather than enjoying cider. I am looking forward to the impending cider weather. Glad you dug it.

Custard Support Review:
Sulls: Highly influential music critic grave us his highest acclaim "Bloody Good". It doesn't get much better than that ladies and gentlemen.

Custard Support Review:
And if you're more inclined to trust your printed sources below is a review from the Drum. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

JJJ Unearthed

Triple J will launch it's new Unearthed 100% Australian independent music digital radio station. Apparently we will be played as some of the first featured artists. I'm not sure what that means but... sweet. Thanks for the kind words from some tops JJJ staff.

Okay Nicole, I will.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

CUSTARD Support - Sep 23rd - The Standard

Custard are playing their first show in Sydney in 12 years. The Little Lovers are lucky to be supporting. Gig of the decade of 2 decades ago.

Facebook Event


Custard Time Off interview

Custard on Hey Hey It's Saturday with Darrel Summers on drums

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Camcorder - Timeoff Review

In this week's edition of Timeoff. Single of the week!

Ex-Brisbane indie poppers Little Lovers may now abide in Sydney, but singer Wintah Thompson’s musical heart is clearly still in Brisbane. He still remembers classic 90s indie ‘sensations’ The Melniks, so much so he has written a song about them. The band resonates with what we used to call the Spring Hill sound, when dudes in bands like Biro, Custard etc could actually afford to live in Spring Hill. The EP opens with Hypocrite, a defence about being called hypocritical by a lady who has gone and changed her own attitude to something she always used to claim to hate. It doesn’t really get very personal however – it’s all pretty light and breezy which is what gives the group so much charm. The drums are punchy and high energy, the bass walks all over the shop and the guitar with Thompson’s vocal round out the sound to be everything a three-piece should be.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Little Bit Exxtra

This Friday we have the opportunity to share the stage with one of Brisbane's greatest song writers. To celebrate the occasion I heard there is a 'Big Pineapple' special drink at the Beetle Bar on the night to celebrate the iTunes release of said hit song. See you on Friday Brisbane.

We'll also be Launching our new EP - Camcorder. Buy digital here or buy a copy from us (limited run) in person at the below;

19/08/11 - Extrafoxx, Little Lovers, Undead Apes - Beetle Bar
20/08/11 - Little Lovers - Tym Guitars Instore

To tie you over till this weekend checkout Extrafoxx in Rave Magazine this week.

A Little Bit Exxtra
EXTRAFOXX (CONWAE BURRELL) talks to JESS SAXTON about the extra mile taken to create his self-titled album, and what’s behind the dry wit that he serenades his fans with.
JESS SAXTON: You’re known in Brisbane and beyond for a melancholy approach to synth and guitar pop melodies, recorded and mixed in your bedroom. This will be your first studio-recorded album – what’s changed?
CONWAE BURRELL: Well I’ve gotten older and hopefully more able to write a decent song. I guess with this album I wanted to raise the bar a bit in terms of professionalism and make my music more accessible as well.
JS: The album explores everything from thievery on school trips, crossreligious romance to hyperspace travel. With such a wide scope in mind, what typically inspires your music?
CB: Typically there’s a dominant thought in my head that keeps repeating which then turns into a lyric and a melody. Then I will work out a guitar part to go with the lyric and the melody. It can be about anything. I listen to a broad range of music, but generally my songs come out as rock-pop. In a
way I think this stems from the music I listen to predominantly.
JS: Extrafoxx is, and has been, the musical counterpart of yourself and an ever-changing line-up of musicians. Who did you work with on this collection?
CB: The participants on this record included myself, Richard Buchanan, Jess Sichter, Pierre le Rat, Dale Peachey, Tiffany Milne, Gillian Bright, Quentin Brown, Xavier Paropat, Simon Pearlman, Barnaby Gickle and Matt the Englishman.
JS: You tend to impregnate each track with a dry, sardonic sense of humour, nestled in the sincerity of your delivery. What inspired you to write a rock track for this album about an impending dental plan for a certain lady called Lisa?
CB: It was a part of a Simpsons episode where Homer had repeating in his head two thoughts … “Lisa needs braces” and “dental plan” – this appealed to me because of my approach to songwriting, so I turned it into a song.
JS: Extrafoxx definitely strays from the confines of traditional genres. What would you like to see more of in mainstream music?
CB: I would like to see more honesty, integrity, diversity, and fun – most of all people enjoying themselves.

EXTRAFOXX launches his self-titled album alongside Little Lovers (also releasing their latest EP Camcorder) and Undead Apes at The Beetle Bar on Friday Aug 19.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wintah Solo - I Wish...

I  played solo the other night. Although it was super fun it seemed to turn somewhat in to a comedy show, which I think I'm cool with. Difficult to play with the footy blazin' at the locals. Anyhow it was heaps of fun and I'm keen to do it again. So fang us a solo show anyone.

Here's a demo of "I Wish..." recorded on a camera and mic the size of a pinhead.

Monday, July 11, 2011

New EP Digital Release - Camcorder

Well it's been real!

We played Blackwire records last Friday night which was pretty awesome. I haven't actually been there before. Nice vibe fun times. We played with one of my favourite Brisbane bands Nova Scotia. Who ruled. Bought their LP which I am dying to hear as soon as I get my record player up and running. Brain Drain also supported. We met Adam in Melbourne last time when we played the Old Bar... Gilligan Island Pinball.

Townie was on Saturday. Thanks so much to the Making and the Silver Drops who joined us on the stage. Both bands were fantastic. Thanks to Benny who was honorary 4th member on the night. That isn't taking away from Pat Delorian who brought the chops to actually playing as opposed to Benny's stories about Sperm Whale Hearts. I heart you guys. Love playing the Townie the sound always rules, that's you Dave.

We are racing to the finish line to put out our 3rd E.P. - Camcorder. Check it out on Band Camp now. Check out Kenzie's sweet artwork.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

What's Up June?

It's been a while since an update. Finished recording vocals and guitars with Tim Kevin for 6 tracks last weekend, we’ll finish writing another 6 tracks and start on those soon. We’ve still got a long way to go.

We've got some shows booked. Playing with our favourite Brisbane band EXTRAFOXX for their Album launch in Brisbane on the 19th of August. In addition we're playing our favourite guitar shop in the world Tym Guitars in Brisbane on the 20th of August 2pm. This will double as our EP launch as long as I can piece together the outstanding EP release related things.

The US Album is nearing release, need to finalise artwork and the dreaded… band photo, which appears much harder to organize than it should be.

Anyone keen to make a budget film clip?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Upcoming Release - Sneak Preview

We have a new EP on the way and an album coming out in the U.S. To celebrate both of these awesomenesses we're giving away a free track from the release. Simply follow us on twitter and repost our free track tweet and we'll send you the exclusive track never before heard in all its mp3 format greatness.

If you hate twitter and the social blah then just come along to the show tomorrow night at Mum and we'll play it live and give you a badge for troubles.

Otherwise you have until the 17th of June to get your social network on. Spread the word.

Hail The Sound Records

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Little Lovers - Mum 10 June

We're back and we're playing this weekend at Mum upstairs. Come hear all the hits and more. Join the facebook group for cheaper entry.

Little Lovers
Mere Women
Young Pretties

Get ready for awesome times we super excited to play again!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Olga the Ogre - live in Newcastle - Nice Filly

Recently we went and played Newcastle. It was awesome thanks so much to Brooke and Shane for organising the show under their production name Nice Filly. As a part of the Nice Filly dealeo we performed an acoustic song which the guys have posted online.

I forgot the lyrics in the first take and hence the battery for the audio recording device on the table died halfway through but the mic on the camera held up alright.

Paul is playing an acoustic guitar we found lying around the bar with white gaff tape with Xavier Rudd scrawled across it. I'm quite sure it was his uncased cheap guitar. Craig plays boot and tambambourine. Wintah plays legs and showing a lot of them.

Taken from Nice Filly

There are encounters that can change your perception of a place, of a scene, of music in general. We met Craig, Wintah and Paul on Sunday 28th February 2010 at their headline show at The Annandale in which we were lucky to sleeze a spot on the lineup.

Little Lovers brand of indie is delivered with a side of punk westernism and enveloped with a strange sense of nostalgia taking you back to the brilliance of 90’s Australian music. Each song punches you in the face like you’ve heard it before, but you haven’ t, then you find yourself singing along which gives big kudos to their songwriting abilities.

Residing in a land of skinny jeans and haircuts, their personality shines through each second of their songs, with humor and anecdotes scattered into their sets, they are always king pins of modesty. We were reassured that Sunday night last year that all was not lost in the big smoke and when coming up with the idea of Nice Filly placed them at the top of our list.

Little Lovers smells like house parties, like schooners of beer at Jets games, like summer festivals, like friends sharing Frank’s pizza, like bowling clubs.

In the dark back bar of The Great Northern Hotel they played Olga the Ogre for the Nice Filly camera and the bar staff and here is what they came up with…


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thanks / Atom Bombs Launch

Thanks so much everyone for coming along to the Annandale Show last Thursday (probably our last ever Annandale show). I feel it was a success even without my magical lighting vision… grumble grumble. A big thankyou to the Creepers, Fabergettes and Lyyar. You all ruled as per usual. A special thanks to Cam Lyons for driving the gear, I have your fishing rod and camp chairs at mine.

If you’re looking to party tomorrow night I highly recommend heading / surfing down to Good God Small club for the Atom Bombs 7” launch. It’ll be surftastic. Event details

P.s. Newtown Jets vs Cronulla Sharks - Henson Park 3pm Saturday 16/04/11 . I'll be at predrinks at Henson Park Hotel at around 1:30pm 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dalton vs Pav

This is brilliant and I thought I needed to repost this. Local Legend Nic Dalton sticks it to the man with his indie label night at the Excelsior. If you haven't seen the Vivid clip watch that first.

Half A Cow

P.S. Little Lovers play tomorrow night (7/04/11) Annandale Hotel with Lyyar, Fabergettes and Creepers. $2 a band

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Update - March 11

It’s been a while since updates.

Firstly, we have been working with Nick Franklin to finish off some mixing on some tracks we recorded and yet to release. Watch this space. We need some artwork asap, if you know anyone keen let me know.

We played in Newcastle last weekend, thanks so much to Brooke and Shane from Yae!tiger / Nice Filly for organizing and inviting us to play the event. We ended up video recording an acoustic spontaneous song for the Nice Filly blog. The recording mic ran out of battery halfway so we’ll see if camera mic is audible or not.

Chris found this link of us playing at the Annandale a while back on Moshcams. I’m too afraid to watch it. By memory the show wasn't that great.

Also the big news. We’re playing Thursday the 7th of April at the Annandale with Lyyar / Fabergettes / Creepers. See the poster below. Inspiration of which is we were once described as 'David Cross drawing Daniel Johnston’s ‘Hi how are you’ frog on the front of your favourite Star Trek t-shirt.'

It’s $8 entry THAT’S $2 A BAND!!!!!

We need to get as many people as we can so we can play at the venue in the future, invite your friends, your mum, your dad, your siblings, your siblings friends, that guy at work you feel obliged to have a drink with but you don’t like talking to (a gig will be perfect since you can’t talk that much and you’ll have something to discuss in between bands) and your enemies. Facebook event.

click to bigerize

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flood Raiser - Marrickville

Family friends of ours recently lost everything during the recent Brisbane floods. Their house had water to the ceiling fans and subsequently they have had to knock down every internal wall. They own the house and they have insurance however the insurance won’t pay up. Therefore, we’re all chipping in and throwing a FLOOD RAISER BENEFIT EXTRAVAGANZA WAREHOUSE PARTY this weekend.

There will be bands, jewellery sale, art sale, bake sale, BBQ, Bar, kid’s activities, performance and of course the Little Lovers. All proceeds go directly to the needy. It’s $5/$10 door starts a 4pm goes till late. So please come down and party generously.

Adele&Glenn (Go-Betweens)
Toby Martin (Youth Group)
Little lovers
Tim Kevin
Nellie P W
Winds of the World (debut)

We’re on last at 9pm since apparently… we make the most noise.

10 Carrington Road
Marrickville NSW 2204

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rave Review - Floody Hell!

Little Lovers first rule of rock'n'roll

1. Always follow an artist described as 'Morricone’s spaghetti Westernisms'.


Woodland - Sat Jan 29
It’s heartening to see so many people out tonight
at yet another flood relief show – Brisbane audiences
are clearly not yet feeling compassion fatigue, and
those who donate cash are given prizes from the Rave
lucky dip (the CD I unwrap is a dud, but the next person
along scores Robyn’s new album – win!)

Local garage-rockers Sleepwalks have imbibed
more than their fair share of Nirvana influences, right
down to vocalist Kevin Fincham’s gravelly Cobainesque
yelps. They bash out their grungy tunes with
aplomb, though, including a spirited cover of Mclusky’s
Collagen Rock.

Little Lovers left Brisbane for Sydney as purveyors of
light-hearted pop, but have returned tonight as something
a little darker – their songs still shimmy and bop,
but they now have overtones of post-rock and little
hints of Morricone’s spaghetti Westernisms.

It’s been just over six months since I Heart Hiroshima’s
last show, so it’s not hard to forgive the
newly-reformed group a little looseness in their
delivery. They’re obviously having a blast revisiting
their material, though, opening with a charmingly
scrappy rendition of early EP track London In Love.
Drummer Susie Patten begins Old Tree, from their recent
album The Rip, by observing that since she departed
for Berlin so soon after that album’s launch,
the group had better prove that they actually wrote
and performed all of those songs. Their set is therefore
filled with tracks from The Rip: the sweetly melancholic
Who I Was (with a tambourine courtesy of
one of Patten’s friends, who taxied to New Farm just
to get it), and singles River and Shakeytown. Older
favourites Punks and Captain To Captain get a lookin,
but rather than closing their set as anticipated
with live favourite Pink Frost, they close with Ocean,
one of The Rip’s most mature deep cuts. It’s a fitting
statement from a group who could have settled for
their own successful formula but who will, I hope,
continue to grow and develop.


Uploaded at the AU Review

© Andrew Wade 2011

 Craig's weird hair that has taken on a life of it's own. Wintah's hair... no good.

That was the last time Paul saw that shirt.

Don't forget Mum tomorrow night 4/2/11 upstairs with the Faberegettes and Wontakke Ly-Ons. Join the Facebook event for cheap entry. Also Frowning Clouds downstairs.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Holy Weekend

We made the treacherous journey into the ‘7th Level of Hell’, the Valley in Brisbane,(and the cab driver didn’t know where that was pfft) to tough out the zombie onslaught. I’m glad to say we made it out alive. However not without sustaining some heavy injuries. Thanks so much to everyone who came down and got dirty for the flood relief. Flying over the ocean outside Brisbane still shows the remnants of the extent the flood must have had as the ocean is brown like the Brisbane river used to be during the dredging in the late 80s.

I Heart Hiroshima were on fire, Sleepwalks ruled the scuzz out and the Woodland Bar was a much needed respite from the dammed outside, I love that place.

Here is a review on Faster Louder. Excerpt Below

“Little Lovers have a driving rhythm like a runaway train, which gives what is essentially surf rock a mournful, blues sensibility. The singer is well in the Queensland spirit, with a pair of shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. He rolls onto his toes when straining for a note, like the mic is over the front row of the crowd. And when, during their third song, his guitar strap comes adrift, he takes it in his stride, simultaneously changing chord and holding his axe vertically by its fretboard.”

We left Brissy to go straight to the Townie, just so we could easy back into reality after the Valley. Delorean, Richie and the Fabergettes were fantastic to play with. The Townie sounded great, I thought, thanks to Dave. Looking forward to next Friday night at Mum where we’ll get to see Wontakke Ly-Ons (Pat Delorean and Craig) and the Fabregettes in all their glory. The Fabregettes promise even more killer catchy tunes than they have already exposed us to. Attend the Facebook event to get on the $5 door list. $5!!!!

A big super special thanks to Ben and Oscar for their amazing efforts. We are eternally grateful and we owe you guys. So here below you can print out your very own super legitimate Little Lovers Favour Voucher. Redeemable for a similar favour and valid for our entire natural lives.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FLOOD BENEFIT - I Heart Hiroshima @ Woodland Bar

So I have wanted to contribute to helping out my home towns people recovering from the recent flood damage. Problem is I'm pretty crap at manual labour, don't have enough money to donate and . The only sweet skills I do have is partying.

Well now I've worked out a way to put my skills to good use. We're coming to Brisbane to party benefit style and we get to do it with none other than

& Sleepwalks

at the Woodland Bar, of which I'm keen to check out. 29th of January.


More details facebook event

Friday, January 14, 2011

Beach Party Tonight

Hey look there’s the Drum Media telling you “You should totally come to this show tonight!”

And you’re like “WHHHHHAAAAA?!?! Drum Media said to, well then let’s do it. That has completely convinced me to not stay at home watching some movie that I’ve seen on TV ten times and go out and have a super time.”

And I’m like “Yeaaaaaah”

If you have heard Q Bar tonight…. You’ve heard.

We're on at 10pm

Rock On Wallace

In other Wally Lewis photo opportunities I give you this link (I wanted to post it but the copyright hohah posted on the page looked daunting).

The photo features local Brisbane legend James ‘Rock On’ Wallace and a statue of some other footy guy. James ‘Rocks On’ in his personal time through his band the Sips. Check em out. Here in this photo Wallace is saying ‘nah give us musos a break and let us rock in the Suncorp Stadium on Thursday nights.’

Find more artists like The Sips at Myspace Music

Love you Wallace, I hope your Amazon dungeon didn’t get flooded or maybe you did want it flooded. Either way I hope it went your way.

Thoughts go out to all our Brissy friends.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

King Brad Lewis

I’m sure most of you Queenslanders have probably seen this already but LLs friend B-Rad Marsellos took this cheeky photo of king Wally Lewis outside the flooded Suncorp Stadium. Brad’s quickly becoming the new ‘Old Spice Guy’ of Brisbane.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Guest Programing on FBI

So we guest programed the Bridge show on FBI radio last night. Oh shit yeah that was heaps of FUN~!~

Justin threw us a curve ball just before we went on daring us to play.

Our excuse "ahhhh we can't fit in there"
Justin's response "I've had 11 piece bands play in there"
We couldn't back down.

Afterwards we were on our way to practice upstairs at Troy Horse for the first time in forever. We needed that practice beforehand. Anyhow we talked crap, we chose songs and we played. It ruled.

10-01-11 ~ Playlist ~ Bridge

High Horse - Cuthbert And The Nightwalkers
Hypocrite - Little Lovers
Lichtenstein Zoo - Yae! Tiger
Divan - Smudge
Casual vs Fulltimer - Quarter Acre
Turn On Your Mind - The Laurels
My Number - Songs
Space Unicorn - The Statics
Double Denim Danger - Atom Bombs
Glebe Island - Little Lovers (live in the studio)
Nightshift In Blue - Djanimals
OOOO - Fishing

We wanted to play Shakin' Bowls and Betamaxx Bandits but the CD we burnt some how failed and there was a scramble to find a Sydney song. Luckily there was high rotation Djanimals lying around... Lucky for them :)

A huge thanks to Justin Zeltzer and FBI Radio for having us their fine station.

Thanks to everyone who listened.

ohh and Kim Jong-Il the people's dictator

Don't forget we're playing Beach Party A-Go-Go this Friday (14-1-11) @ Q Bar

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Little Lovers On The Radio

Hey All,

Listen to FBI Radio Monday (9/1/11) night 8pm - 9pm cause we're guest programing!!!!

Stream it online here. 1 hour of Sydney music chosen by us, your favourite band; Little L's. We might even unleash one of our latest tacks... who knows.

Ohhh and we'll probably be talking regular shit too.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Favourite Songs From 2010

It's LIST season. We all love lists.

Wintah's top 5 songs of 2010.

Find more artists like Richard In Your Mind at Myspace Music

Find more artists like CIRCLE PIT at Myspace Music

Find more artists like Shakin Howls at Myspace Music


Wintah’s inspirational quote of the day: ‘Superstition is just an excuse for dwelling on one’s misfortune. Partying is celebrating everyone’s fortunes’

So screw superstition and let’s go party, beach party A-Go-Go style, next Friday the 14th of January at Q Bar. There’ll be some good looking guys… us and some good looking fools… also us. For social network users here’s the event. For non social network users email to be sent an e-card invite or you can send in your pager number to get a reminder from 1984.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year!

Hope everyone had a kick ass holiday. We got some upcoming shows to see in the new year.

Friday - January 14
Supported by Vacations

Friday - January 21
Iguana Bar - Wolfden
Supporting TBA

Friday - February 4th
World Bar - Mum
Supported by the Fabregettes and Wontake Lyons (featuring Little Shaky Craig Lovers Lyons)

Tis the season to party!