Saturday, January 26, 2013

January 2013

January update.

Spent New Years at former LL's member David DF Hannah's house. Which if you ever get the official tour involves a beautiful collection of vintage furniture, Star Wars lego, a Kitchen Aid, DF's bike that has electric gears (yes that is part of the tour) and Dee's and DF's new chicken coup of which DF sneakily got me to help build. Here's a DF sketch of mentioned tour.

Got my phone back after losing it at Meredith

We finally have enough songs to put together in apparently what is referred to as the collective noun 'album'. Glenn's recording it with us in his studio in Marrickville. Hopefully finish recording and mixing by the end of Feb.

Our US release vinyl compilation of EPs / Best Of / Just all of our recordings up to now / Thing is getting close to ready. Here some sneak peak artwork by DF/Chris. This comes out on Hail The Sound records in April/ish, I think.

Lost my phone again after getting it back for only 2 weeks.

Upcoming show with Shady Lane at OAF side bar, $4 tinnies and Free entry 8th of Feb. I think there is going to be a CD/pod cast of all the featured bands of the residency. 

Check out Shady Lane's new single.