Thursday, August 25, 2011

Camcorder - Timeoff Review

In this week's edition of Timeoff. Single of the week!

Ex-Brisbane indie poppers Little Lovers may now abide in Sydney, but singer Wintah Thompson’s musical heart is clearly still in Brisbane. He still remembers classic 90s indie ‘sensations’ The Melniks, so much so he has written a song about them. The band resonates with what we used to call the Spring Hill sound, when dudes in bands like Biro, Custard etc could actually afford to live in Spring Hill. The EP opens with Hypocrite, a defence about being called hypocritical by a lady who has gone and changed her own attitude to something she always used to claim to hate. It doesn’t really get very personal however – it’s all pretty light and breezy which is what gives the group so much charm. The drums are punchy and high energy, the bass walks all over the shop and the guitar with Thompson’s vocal round out the sound to be everything a three-piece should be.

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