Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Little Bit Exxtra

This Friday we have the opportunity to share the stage with one of Brisbane's greatest song writers. To celebrate the occasion I heard there is a 'Big Pineapple' special drink at the Beetle Bar on the night to celebrate the iTunes release of said hit song. See you on Friday Brisbane.

We'll also be Launching our new EP - Camcorder. Buy digital here http://littlelovers.bandcamp.com/ or buy a copy from us (limited run) in person at the below;

19/08/11 - Extrafoxx, Little Lovers, Undead Apes - Beetle Bar
20/08/11 - Little Lovers - Tym Guitars Instore

To tie you over till this weekend checkout Extrafoxx in Rave Magazine this week.

A Little Bit Exxtra
EXTRAFOXX (CONWAE BURRELL) talks to JESS SAXTON about the extra mile taken to create his self-titled album, and what’s behind the dry wit that he serenades his fans with.
JESS SAXTON: You’re known in Brisbane and beyond for a melancholy approach to synth and guitar pop melodies, recorded and mixed in your bedroom. This will be your first studio-recorded album – what’s changed?
CONWAE BURRELL: Well I’ve gotten older and hopefully more able to write a decent song. I guess with this album I wanted to raise the bar a bit in terms of professionalism and make my music more accessible as well.
JS: The album explores everything from thievery on school trips, crossreligious romance to hyperspace travel. With such a wide scope in mind, what typically inspires your music?
CB: Typically there’s a dominant thought in my head that keeps repeating which then turns into a lyric and a melody. Then I will work out a guitar part to go with the lyric and the melody. It can be about anything. I listen to a broad range of music, but generally my songs come out as rock-pop. In a
way I think this stems from the music I listen to predominantly.
JS: Extrafoxx is, and has been, the musical counterpart of yourself and an ever-changing line-up of musicians. Who did you work with on this collection?
CB: The participants on this record included myself, Richard Buchanan, Jess Sichter, Pierre le Rat, Dale Peachey, Tiffany Milne, Gillian Bright, Quentin Brown, Xavier Paropat, Simon Pearlman, Barnaby Gickle and Matt the Englishman.
JS: You tend to impregnate each track with a dry, sardonic sense of humour, nestled in the sincerity of your delivery. What inspired you to write a rock track for this album about an impending dental plan for a certain lady called Lisa?
CB: It was a part of a Simpsons episode where Homer had repeating in his head two thoughts … “Lisa needs braces” and “dental plan” – this appealed to me because of my approach to songwriting, so I turned it into a song.
JS: Extrafoxx definitely strays from the confines of traditional genres. What would you like to see more of in mainstream music?
CB: I would like to see more honesty, integrity, diversity, and fun – most of all people enjoying themselves.

EXTRAFOXX launches his self-titled album alongside Little Lovers (also releasing their latest EP Camcorder) and Undead Apes at The Beetle Bar on Friday Aug 19. www.myspace.com/extrafoxx

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