Monday, January 31, 2011

Holy Weekend

We made the treacherous journey into the ‘7th Level of Hell’, the Valley in Brisbane,(and the cab driver didn’t know where that was pfft) to tough out the zombie onslaught. I’m glad to say we made it out alive. However not without sustaining some heavy injuries. Thanks so much to everyone who came down and got dirty for the flood relief. Flying over the ocean outside Brisbane still shows the remnants of the extent the flood must have had as the ocean is brown like the Brisbane river used to be during the dredging in the late 80s.

I Heart Hiroshima were on fire, Sleepwalks ruled the scuzz out and the Woodland Bar was a much needed respite from the dammed outside, I love that place.

Here is a review on Faster Louder. Excerpt Below

“Little Lovers have a driving rhythm like a runaway train, which gives what is essentially surf rock a mournful, blues sensibility. The singer is well in the Queensland spirit, with a pair of shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. He rolls onto his toes when straining for a note, like the mic is over the front row of the crowd. And when, during their third song, his guitar strap comes adrift, he takes it in his stride, simultaneously changing chord and holding his axe vertically by its fretboard.”

We left Brissy to go straight to the Townie, just so we could easy back into reality after the Valley. Delorean, Richie and the Fabergettes were fantastic to play with. The Townie sounded great, I thought, thanks to Dave. Looking forward to next Friday night at Mum where we’ll get to see Wontakke Ly-Ons (Pat Delorean and Craig) and the Fabregettes in all their glory. The Fabregettes promise even more killer catchy tunes than they have already exposed us to. Attend the Facebook event to get on the $5 door list. $5!!!!

A big super special thanks to Ben and Oscar for their amazing efforts. We are eternally grateful and we owe you guys. So here below you can print out your very own super legitimate Little Lovers Favour Voucher. Redeemable for a similar favour and valid for our entire natural lives.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FLOOD BENEFIT - I Heart Hiroshima @ Woodland Bar

So I have wanted to contribute to helping out my home towns people recovering from the recent flood damage. Problem is I'm pretty crap at manual labour, don't have enough money to donate and . The only sweet skills I do have is partying.

Well now I've worked out a way to put my skills to good use. We're coming to Brisbane to party benefit style and we get to do it with none other than

& Sleepwalks

at the Woodland Bar, of which I'm keen to check out. 29th of January.


More details facebook event

Friday, January 14, 2011

Beach Party Tonight

Hey look there’s the Drum Media telling you “You should totally come to this show tonight!”

And you’re like “WHHHHHAAAAA?!?! Drum Media said to, well then let’s do it. That has completely convinced me to not stay at home watching some movie that I’ve seen on TV ten times and go out and have a super time.”

And I’m like “Yeaaaaaah”

If you have heard Q Bar tonight…. You’ve heard.

We're on at 10pm

Rock On Wallace

In other Wally Lewis photo opportunities I give you this link (I wanted to post it but the copyright hohah posted on the page looked daunting).

The photo features local Brisbane legend James ‘Rock On’ Wallace and a statue of some other footy guy. James ‘Rocks On’ in his personal time through his band the Sips. Check em out. Here in this photo Wallace is saying ‘nah give us musos a break and let us rock in the Suncorp Stadium on Thursday nights.’

Find more artists like The Sips at Myspace Music

Love you Wallace, I hope your Amazon dungeon didn’t get flooded or maybe you did want it flooded. Either way I hope it went your way.

Thoughts go out to all our Brissy friends.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

King Brad Lewis

I’m sure most of you Queenslanders have probably seen this already but LLs friend B-Rad Marsellos took this cheeky photo of king Wally Lewis outside the flooded Suncorp Stadium. Brad’s quickly becoming the new ‘Old Spice Guy’ of Brisbane.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Guest Programing on FBI

So we guest programed the Bridge show on FBI radio last night. Oh shit yeah that was heaps of FUN~!~

Justin threw us a curve ball just before we went on daring us to play.

Our excuse "ahhhh we can't fit in there"
Justin's response "I've had 11 piece bands play in there"
We couldn't back down.

Afterwards we were on our way to practice upstairs at Troy Horse for the first time in forever. We needed that practice beforehand. Anyhow we talked crap, we chose songs and we played. It ruled.

10-01-11 ~ Playlist ~ Bridge

High Horse - Cuthbert And The Nightwalkers
Hypocrite - Little Lovers
Lichtenstein Zoo - Yae! Tiger
Divan - Smudge
Casual vs Fulltimer - Quarter Acre
Turn On Your Mind - The Laurels
My Number - Songs
Space Unicorn - The Statics
Double Denim Danger - Atom Bombs
Glebe Island - Little Lovers (live in the studio)
Nightshift In Blue - Djanimals
OOOO - Fishing

We wanted to play Shakin' Bowls and Betamaxx Bandits but the CD we burnt some how failed and there was a scramble to find a Sydney song. Luckily there was high rotation Djanimals lying around... Lucky for them :)

A huge thanks to Justin Zeltzer and FBI Radio for having us their fine station.

Thanks to everyone who listened.

ohh and Kim Jong-Il the people's dictator

Don't forget we're playing Beach Party A-Go-Go this Friday (14-1-11) @ Q Bar

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Little Lovers On The Radio

Hey All,

Listen to FBI Radio Monday (9/1/11) night 8pm - 9pm cause we're guest programing!!!!

Stream it online here. 1 hour of Sydney music chosen by us, your favourite band; Little L's. We might even unleash one of our latest tacks... who knows.

Ohhh and we'll probably be talking regular shit too.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Favourite Songs From 2010

It's LIST season. We all love lists.

Wintah's top 5 songs of 2010.

Find more artists like Richard In Your Mind at Myspace Music

Find more artists like CIRCLE PIT at Myspace Music

Find more artists like Shakin Howls at Myspace Music


Wintah’s inspirational quote of the day: ‘Superstition is just an excuse for dwelling on one’s misfortune. Partying is celebrating everyone’s fortunes’

So screw superstition and let’s go party, beach party A-Go-Go style, next Friday the 14th of January at Q Bar. There’ll be some good looking guys… us and some good looking fools… also us. For social network users here’s the event. For non social network users email to be sent an e-card invite or you can send in your pager number to get a reminder from 1984.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year!

Hope everyone had a kick ass holiday. We got some upcoming shows to see in the new year.

Friday - January 14
Supported by Vacations

Friday - January 21
Iguana Bar - Wolfden
Supporting TBA

Friday - February 4th
World Bar - Mum
Supported by the Fabregettes and Wontake Lyons (featuring Little Shaky Craig Lovers Lyons)

Tis the season to party!