Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wintah Solo - I Wish...

I  played solo the other night. Although it was super fun it seemed to turn somewhat in to a comedy show, which I think I'm cool with. Difficult to play with the footy blazin' at the locals. Anyhow it was heaps of fun and I'm keen to do it again. So fang us a solo show anyone.

Here's a demo of "I Wish..." recorded on a camera and mic the size of a pinhead.

Monday, July 11, 2011

New EP Digital Release - Camcorder

Well it's been real!

We played Blackwire records last Friday night which was pretty awesome. I haven't actually been there before. Nice vibe fun times. We played with one of my favourite Brisbane bands Nova Scotia. Who ruled. Bought their LP which I am dying to hear as soon as I get my record player up and running. Brain Drain also supported. We met Adam in Melbourne last time when we played the Old Bar... Gilligan Island Pinball.

Townie was on Saturday. Thanks so much to the Making and the Silver Drops who joined us on the stage. Both bands were fantastic. Thanks to Benny who was honorary 4th member on the night. That isn't taking away from Pat Delorian who brought the chops to actually playing as opposed to Benny's stories about Sperm Whale Hearts. I heart you guys. Love playing the Townie the sound always rules, that's you Dave.

We are racing to the finish line to put out our 3rd E.P. - Camcorder. Check it out on Band Camp now. Check out Kenzie's sweet artwork.