Thursday, September 10, 2015

Smudge - Manilow Tribute Album

We have been honoured to be asked to contribute to the Smudge – Manilow tribute album. We’re aptly covering track 8 ‘Little Help’. The vinyl only super limited release (I think) will only be available via Indiegogo presales. Looks to be just 200 copies. You have 44 days to get your orders in people.

This is the best I could figure out the lyrics. I got Tom’s approval, more or less.

The record is full of all your favourite slacker Gods covering all your favourite slacker anthems.We’re right after Little Lovers’ band hero Lou Barlow. The record also features Evan Dando, Rat Cat, Courtney Barnet, Brisbane legend - Seja, Brisbane mates - Undead Apes, Two Am I (2 of You Am I I assume), Sydney’s/Petersham Bowlo’s (Only because I should see them all down there on Sunday)- Youth Group and uncle Nic Dalton and the GLoomchasers

Wintah and Family band The Answers are playing at the family friendly funday "It's a family Affair" put on by uncle Nic Dalton at the Petersham Bowlo Sunday arvo the 13th of September.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

New Song - Matt Banham's Problems

We have been working hard on our debut album and we would like to share a snippet of how we’re going. Here is a new Little Lovers song Matt Banham’s Problems featuring none other than the internet’s favourite menace Matt Banham himself (see, No Through Road, Disgusting People, Weak Boys).

Hear the song, watch the film clip feel the awkward.

Little Lovers are playing on the 16th of May 2014 at Tokyo Sing Song with Richard Cuthbert and the Weak Boys.

Film clip and song was recorded and edited by Glenn Thompson.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

January 2013

January update.

Spent New Years at former LL's member David DF Hannah's house. Which if you ever get the official tour involves a beautiful collection of vintage furniture, Star Wars lego, a Kitchen Aid, DF's bike that has electric gears (yes that is part of the tour) and Dee's and DF's new chicken coup of which DF sneakily got me to help build. Here's a DF sketch of mentioned tour.

Got my phone back after losing it at Meredith

We finally have enough songs to put together in apparently what is referred to as the collective noun 'album'. Glenn's recording it with us in his studio in Marrickville. Hopefully finish recording and mixing by the end of Feb.

Our US release vinyl compilation of EPs / Best Of / Just all of our recordings up to now / Thing is getting close to ready. Here some sneak peak artwork by DF/Chris. This comes out on Hail The Sound records in April/ish, I think.

Lost my phone again after getting it back for only 2 weeks.

Upcoming show with Shady Lane at OAF side bar, $4 tinnies and Free entry 8th of Feb. I think there is going to be a CD/pod cast of all the featured bands of the residency. 

Check out Shady Lane's new single.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Marrickville Photos

We're heading to Perth next weekend and we needed some press shots. We didn't have access to any fancy digital camera or such, Nathan whipped out his 70's film Fujica (if that's a real brand) dream and spewed off a roll of film. We then had to wait until it was developed. Imagine that! 

Sunday morning coffee in Marrickville, luckily Nathan got the background in crisp focus.

Getting pork rolls for lunch.

Looking at something, obviously interesting.

 This one is for Oscar. This was his artistic vision, Paul kicking me in the groin while laughing. For some reason this couldn't be staged. Nice timing of that woman to walk out of the Courty.

Discussing how delicious Marrickville Pork Roll place is.

Thanks Nathan for following us around the inner west being regular dorks. I owe you $17.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Little Lovers catch up on 2012

Little Lovers are back on the playing shows carousel, check out dates!

May 27th - Annandale Music Markets - Unity Floors & Little Bastard
June 17th - Hollywood Hotel - Arvo show
PERTH June 29th - Rosemount - The Wine-Dark Sea EP launch

We've been writing and talking of recording. Who knows underground single/EP may come out when you least expect it. in the mean time here is a picture of Craig's Annandale brick. You better Craig *Shakes fist.

Why have we been so quite this year...

Well the Community Cup happend in Sydney for the first time. Wintah and Paul competed, Craig 'served' beers at the bar... sort of. Paul looked like your dad if he was an AFL star.

Wintah played aggressively off the ball, marking Fitzy for a couple of quarters, he later found out he cracked a rib after the alcohol wore off. Here's Wintah beating Merick Watts to the ball. 

Here's Captain Kirk and Captain Cooper enjoying an Australia's finest.

Although the Sailors walloped the Walers, Wintah some how ended up with the Cup drinking Reschs from it. Photo; Wintah, Paul and team manager Glenn.

I think it's safe to say that Paul is showing the above photo to Craig at the Henson Park Hotel.

We played Conrad Fest at the infamous Roxxy. What an all star Inner West line up. There should be some crazy photos somewhere. I'm looking toward Killian and Tom Dallow.

Wintah went on the Weezer cruise to see hie heroes Dinsosaur Jr. rip it up on the Lido deck when casting off from Mexico.

My favourite Paul photo.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Game Day - Community Cup

Well it's here after 4 weeks of intense training, 17 hours of YouTube footage of Buddy Franklin and countless 'team bonding' beers we have finally reach the big day.

It's a sunny day but I recommend a picnic blanket for the wet ground from yesterday's rain. Gates are at noon, bounce is at 2pm. Get there early for the entertainment.

Here's the team photo, proudest moment being in front of the coverted Jet Set Lounge in strip ready to play on the greatest ground in the world, commonly referred to as the 8th wonder of the world, Henson Park.

Absent from photo: Joel Beeson - I hope he'll be there today he's a gun; Damien Lovelock - refuses to come to training, that's just detail to him, not interested; Captain Dan Sultan - we may have encouraged a few too many beers and or tequilla the night before at the Meanies show.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Western Walers Theme Song

We went into the studio with Glenn last night and belted out a footy anthem with 'gusto' inspired by the beloved Newtown Jets theme song. This is what we came up with;


Walers are coming
Hear the musos humming
Walers, Walers
Walers are flying - Sailors be crying
Walers, Walers
18 mates all dressed in black
taking marks on Sailor's backs
Walers, Walers
Here's the team that takes the cup
Walers won't be giving up
Walers hear the crowd - they're roaring
Clashing, trashing musos scoring
Walers are coming
Hear the musos humming
Walers, Walers
Walers are flying - Sailors be crying
Walers, Walers, Walers!

Music written by Ricky May - song: 13 Men All Dressed In Blue

Wintah Thompson - Vocals / dodgy piano accordion - (Western Walers) Little Lovers
Paul Cooper - Bass / vocals - (Western Walers) Little Lovers
Craig Lyons - Drums / vocals - (Community Cup Volunteer) Little Lovers
Glenn Thompson - Engineered, vocals and piano - Custard