Monday, October 31, 2011

Newcastle Adventure Via Twitter

A Little Lovers journey to Newcastle and back via Twitter.

About to head on an adventure to Newcastle. Starting with a cheeky side quest. Assembling expedition party. Current location

Status: failure to launch paranoia. 
Location: Marrickville.
Status: side quest complete. $5.
Location: Earlwood
Status: trying to buy/find speaker cable.
Location: Stanmore
Status: found a dude who made a speaker cable. Running 3hrs behind schedule.
Location: Chippendale.
Status: Getting fuel.
Location: Ultimo.
Status: cruising.
Listening: Ariel Pink.
Location: past Wyong.
Status: BBQ
Listening: Richard in Your Mind
Location: Hamilton, Newcastle
Status: setup at the venue, floor is super sticky.
Location: Cambridge, Newcastle. 

Status: Shane & Brooke own an arcade machine. NBA Jam & Street Fighter.
Location: North Hamilton, Newy

Status: rains a coming. Paul's bummed he didn't get a swim.
Location: Hamilton, Newcastle.
Status: Side quest 2, Paul getting involved in the local traditions.
Location: Newcastle downtown.
Status: Visiting manor. Giant bathroom has a fireplace.
Location: East Newcastle.

Status: more side questing, cafe Roller Door sweet vintage china and spoons.
Location: Hamilton.
Status: On road slammed in storm.
Listening: Turbonegro full blast.
Location: 20km out of Newy
Status: Drove out of storm.
Location: Hit outskirts of Sydney.
Status: Complete.
Location: Marrickville

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