Monday, January 31, 2011

Holy Weekend

We made the treacherous journey into the ‘7th Level of Hell’, the Valley in Brisbane,(and the cab driver didn’t know where that was pfft) to tough out the zombie onslaught. I’m glad to say we made it out alive. However not without sustaining some heavy injuries. Thanks so much to everyone who came down and got dirty for the flood relief. Flying over the ocean outside Brisbane still shows the remnants of the extent the flood must have had as the ocean is brown like the Brisbane river used to be during the dredging in the late 80s.

I Heart Hiroshima were on fire, Sleepwalks ruled the scuzz out and the Woodland Bar was a much needed respite from the dammed outside, I love that place.

Here is a review on Faster Louder. Excerpt Below

“Little Lovers have a driving rhythm like a runaway train, which gives what is essentially surf rock a mournful, blues sensibility. The singer is well in the Queensland spirit, with a pair of shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. He rolls onto his toes when straining for a note, like the mic is over the front row of the crowd. And when, during their third song, his guitar strap comes adrift, he takes it in his stride, simultaneously changing chord and holding his axe vertically by its fretboard.”

We left Brissy to go straight to the Townie, just so we could easy back into reality after the Valley. Delorean, Richie and the Fabergettes were fantastic to play with. The Townie sounded great, I thought, thanks to Dave. Looking forward to next Friday night at Mum where we’ll get to see Wontakke Ly-Ons (Pat Delorean and Craig) and the Fabregettes in all their glory. The Fabregettes promise even more killer catchy tunes than they have already exposed us to. Attend the Facebook event to get on the $5 door list. $5!!!!

A big super special thanks to Ben and Oscar for their amazing efforts. We are eternally grateful and we owe you guys. So here below you can print out your very own super legitimate Little Lovers Favour Voucher. Redeemable for a similar favour and valid for our entire natural lives.

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