Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Olga the Ogre - live in Newcastle - Nice Filly

Recently we went and played Newcastle. It was awesome thanks so much to Brooke and Shane for organising the show under their production name Nice Filly. As a part of the Nice Filly dealeo we performed an acoustic song which the guys have posted online.

I forgot the lyrics in the first take and hence the battery for the audio recording device on the table died halfway through but the mic on the camera held up alright.

Paul is playing an acoustic guitar we found lying around the bar with white gaff tape with Xavier Rudd scrawled across it. I'm quite sure it was his uncased cheap guitar. Craig plays boot and tambambourine. Wintah plays legs and showing a lot of them.

Taken from Nice Filly

There are encounters that can change your perception of a place, of a scene, of music in general. We met Craig, Wintah and Paul on Sunday 28th February 2010 at their headline show at The Annandale in which we were lucky to sleeze a spot on the lineup.

Little Lovers brand of indie is delivered with a side of punk westernism and enveloped with a strange sense of nostalgia taking you back to the brilliance of 90’s Australian music. Each song punches you in the face like you’ve heard it before, but you haven’ t, then you find yourself singing along which gives big kudos to their songwriting abilities.

Residing in a land of skinny jeans and haircuts, their personality shines through each second of their songs, with humor and anecdotes scattered into their sets, they are always king pins of modesty. We were reassured that Sunday night last year that all was not lost in the big smoke and when coming up with the idea of Nice Filly placed them at the top of our list.

Little Lovers smells like house parties, like schooners of beer at Jets games, like summer festivals, like friends sharing Frank’s pizza, like bowling clubs.

In the dark back bar of The Great Northern Hotel they played Olga the Ogre for the Nice Filly camera and the bar staff and here is what they came up with…


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