Friday, January 14, 2011

Rock On Wallace

In other Wally Lewis photo opportunities I give you this link (I wanted to post it but the copyright hohah posted on the page looked daunting).

The photo features local Brisbane legend James ‘Rock On’ Wallace and a statue of some other footy guy. James ‘Rocks On’ in his personal time through his band the Sips. Check em out. Here in this photo Wallace is saying ‘nah give us musos a break and let us rock in the Suncorp Stadium on Thursday nights.’

Find more artists like The Sips at Myspace Music

Love you Wallace, I hope your Amazon dungeon didn’t get flooded or maybe you did want it flooded. Either way I hope it went your way.

Thoughts go out to all our Brissy friends.

1 comment:

  1. Oh and Wallace is wearing Brisbane's iconic band 'Eat Laser Scumbag'

    For some reason I'll still remember that sticker in the Rics toilets.