Monday, October 31, 2011

Newcastle Adventure Via Twitter

A Little Lovers journey to Newcastle and back via Twitter.

About to head on an adventure to Newcastle. Starting with a cheeky side quest. Assembling expedition party. Current location

Status: failure to launch paranoia. 
Location: Marrickville.
Status: side quest complete. $5.
Location: Earlwood
Status: trying to buy/find speaker cable.
Location: Stanmore
Status: found a dude who made a speaker cable. Running 3hrs behind schedule.
Location: Chippendale.
Status: Getting fuel.
Location: Ultimo.
Status: cruising.
Listening: Ariel Pink.
Location: past Wyong.
Status: BBQ
Listening: Richard in Your Mind
Location: Hamilton, Newcastle
Status: setup at the venue, floor is super sticky.
Location: Cambridge, Newcastle. 

Status: Shane & Brooke own an arcade machine. NBA Jam & Street Fighter.
Location: North Hamilton, Newy

Status: rains a coming. Paul's bummed he didn't get a swim.
Location: Hamilton, Newcastle.
Status: Side quest 2, Paul getting involved in the local traditions.
Location: Newcastle downtown.
Status: Visiting manor. Giant bathroom has a fireplace.
Location: East Newcastle.

Status: more side questing, cafe Roller Door sweet vintage china and spoons.
Location: Hamilton.
Status: On road slammed in storm.
Listening: Turbonegro full blast.
Location: 20km out of Newy
Status: Drove out of storm.
Location: Hit outskirts of Sydney.
Status: Complete.
Location: Marrickville

Monday, October 24, 2011

Newcastle Party Times

Newcastle this Saturday. We're looking forward to playing again especially in Newcastle met some cool kids last time. Thanks to our buddies Yae!Tiger Shane and Brooke from Nice Filly who have been kind enough to invite us back. This time it'll be dirty as ever. Cambridge Hotel, since I saw the Grates, JSS and Vasco Era show aka ‘Tour of debortuary’* I have been ever so keen to play there.  Party Times!

Looking forward to Hopes and Hats Bennet

*‘Tour of debortuary’the invention of the Trombong... good times

Friday, October 7, 2011

Reviews All Round

JJJ Uneathed - Going To The Show
Thanks Nichole, me too, except I'm always having to play it rather than enjoying cider. I am looking forward to the impending cider weather. Glad you dug it.

Custard Support Review:
Sulls: Highly influential music critic grave us his highest acclaim "Bloody Good". It doesn't get much better than that ladies and gentlemen.

Custard Support Review:
And if you're more inclined to trust your printed sources below is a review from the Drum. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

JJJ Unearthed

Triple J will launch it's new Unearthed 100% Australian independent music digital radio station. Apparently we will be played as some of the first featured artists. I'm not sure what that means but... sweet. Thanks for the kind words from some tops JJJ staff.

Okay Nicole, I will.