Saturday, December 11, 2010

Monthly Update 20 Nov - 11 Dec

Things that have been happening lateley.
  • Discovered Kim Jong-Il looking at things possibly the greatest blog on the internet.
  • Fabergettes new sydney band have two of the greatest songs this side of the financial year
  • Thought bow ties as a cat collar would make me billions, turns out someone is already doing it
  • Bought We Say Bamboulee - Bush Tracks, did the Postcode Promises song it's pretty cute.
  • Nick Franklin is currently mixing our forth coming EP
  • Smudge supporting Lemonheads was so awesome it was kinda better than the Lheads
  • rediscovered my love of B-Ball
  • myspace is dead
  • Wrote my first song in drop D tuning an ode to my buddies from Violent Soho.
  • Partied with JSS again... those crazy kids.
Oxford Arts with Yae!Tiger whom will be launching a double A-side single (looking forward to this) in the FREE Gallery Bar. We'll be on at 9pm.