Friday, April 30, 2010

Fitzroy... Lions

From Brisbane Bears to Fitzroy Lions via Sydney Swans and a stop in at Hawthorne Hawks. This is the LL story thus far expressed solely through the metaphor of life that is AFL. Why so Victorian, you ask?

Well we're hitting the Victorian capitol city for a one off, kick arse, type of non local rock show. We're joining Halfheads, Late Arvo Sons and the Spinning Rooms at the Old Bar in Fitzroy TONIGHT (30-04-10) and we're playing a slew of punk garage hits. If you come to the show and give us your email. we'll email you a free track, Ho HO!

Side note; We were going to be playing the Pony as well but I fucked up the flights... big sorry and a big thanks to Xavier helping us out.

p.s. If your in Melbourne you better come because we gave up our home team's footy match for this. Go the Mighty Blue Bags!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Photos From The Annandale

Just so snaps from the Annandale show. This was our last / most recent show. Our next show at Jordy Lane's Fuzzbox we will be sporting brand new hair cuts and facial hair. So none of us look like this anymore. Thanks to Ellie for these shots.

Me tuning

Me probably talking about tuning.

Paul and Craig... not bothering with tuning

Me checking the tuning

ohhh no. Tune again

"How does this F# sound?"
... Shit

As a visual review I will try and tune less at future shows and I apologize for these errors in the past.

I need a new tuner and guitar setup....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rocketcar Day. The Greatest Day On Earth!

So Rocketcar Day 12 - High Doom is upon us. This Sunday the 11th of April.

The Little Lovers Fully and Unofficially endorse the amazing day that is Rocketcar Day. If you don't know much about Rocketcar Day let me fill you in. Think of all the most awesome things in the world; Plastic Dinosaurs, Toy Robots, Mutated Barbie/Monster Truck Monster, a Giant M&M filled with smaller M&Ms and for the healthier type a Carrot. Then attach some wheels (only if you feel like it, the giant M&M had no wheels) then the all important rocket. Get some rowdy kids to push the ignite handle, like some ACME Looney Tunes device and watch the rockets shoot themselves down the street or straight into the shins of the raucous masses cheering and hoop-la-ing with beer and BBQ sausage in hand in the back streets of Marrickville. Add to this the hilarious commentary to long haired Rocketcar enthusiast on the back with a megaphone on the back of a flatbed truck and you might have a 1/4 of the awesomeness in your head.

Facebook event here:
Sydney Steel Rd Marrickville
11/04/10 Sun 1pm Ignition time.

Hopefully I have enough time to build my winning entry this year.

Hear are some photos from Rocketcar Day 11 last year (lifted from their site)

The 4x4 Race Category

Challengers, ready!

Prototype catapult design self destructs in a flurry of Awesomeness

And the fabled Giant M&M full off m&m's. Note the lack of wheels. It exploded on the road and kids raced onto the track to scavenge and devour the m&m's with the slight taste of gunpowder and gravel. Still slightly warm.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Live at the Loft 'FUZZBOX'

Hi all, It's been a bit quite on the LL front. Been writing new songs, madly or madly writing new songs. That and trying to work out protools so I can mix some songs we have recorded.

Anyways hopefully we should be able to 'showcase' (I hate the word showcase it's so drab) play some new songs that you would have never ever ever heard before. Wow. Imagine that. I also have been challenged to write a song about Dion. So we'll see how that goes.

We're playing with the awesome Yae!Tiger and get this it's free... well just for Yae!Tiger you have to pay with your cheesey sanity to endure a LL set. Join the facebook events and this one. bask in the glory of my awesome poster.
Ohh and there's a happy hour?? 5-6pm and Throwshapes DJs.
So don't go see JSS and Philly Js on the 16th go see them on the 15th and come to this free awesome event the following night.