Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Marrickville Photos

We're heading to Perth next weekend and we needed some press shots. We didn't have access to any fancy digital camera or such, Nathan whipped out his 70's film Fujica (if that's a real brand) dream and spewed off a roll of film. We then had to wait until it was developed. Imagine that! 

Sunday morning coffee in Marrickville, luckily Nathan got the background in crisp focus.

Getting pork rolls for lunch.

Looking at something, obviously interesting.

 This one is for Oscar. This was his artistic vision, Paul kicking me in the groin while laughing. For some reason this couldn't be staged. Nice timing of that woman to walk out of the Courty.

Discussing how delicious Marrickville Pork Roll place is.

Thanks Nathan for following us around the inner west being regular dorks. I owe you $17.