Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Guest Programing on FBI

So we guest programed the Bridge show on FBI radio last night. Oh shit yeah that was heaps of FUN~!~

Justin threw us a curve ball just before we went on daring us to play.

Our excuse "ahhhh we can't fit in there"
Justin's response "I've had 11 piece bands play in there"
We couldn't back down.

Afterwards we were on our way to practice upstairs at Troy Horse for the first time in forever. We needed that practice beforehand. Anyhow we talked crap, we chose songs and we played. It ruled.

10-01-11 ~ Playlist ~ Bridge

High Horse - Cuthbert And The Nightwalkers
Hypocrite - Little Lovers
Lichtenstein Zoo - Yae! Tiger
Divan - Smudge
Casual vs Fulltimer - Quarter Acre
Turn On Your Mind - The Laurels
My Number - Songs
Space Unicorn - The Statics
Double Denim Danger - Atom Bombs
Glebe Island - Little Lovers (live in the studio)
Nightshift In Blue - Djanimals
OOOO - Fishing

We wanted to play Shakin' Bowls and Betamaxx Bandits but the CD we burnt some how failed and there was a scramble to find a Sydney song. Luckily there was high rotation Djanimals lying around... Lucky for them :)

A huge thanks to Justin Zeltzer and FBI Radio for having us their fine station.

Thanks to everyone who listened.

ohh and Kim Jong-Il the people's dictator

Don't forget we're playing Beach Party A-Go-Go this Friday (14-1-11) @ Q Bar

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