Friday, February 26, 2010

Buttons 'n' Badges 'n' Pins... Oh My!

We got Badges, Buttons, Pins and what have you. Come on down Sunday at the Annandale and give a charitable donation an receive a pin. I would have taken a closer photo but the iphone camera doesn't like macro shots. So when I borrow a better camera i'll put them on our store. Look here for store -->

Thursday, February 25, 2010

+ 1 Lyyar @ the Annandale 28/02/10

Remeber, we're playing this Sunday at the Annandale. Well... saddly Wifey have had to pull out for personal reasons. Condolences to the member's. You can't replace Wifey but we have added to the bill. Lyyar will now be playing seccond. New Playing times as follows

9:10 - 9:50 Little Lovers
8:10 - 8:50 Shakin' Howls
7:20 - 7:50 Lyyar
6:30 - 7:20 Yae!Tiger
6pm - Doors

Hopefully, if they arrive in time (ie. tomorrow), we should have sweet badges. Pin em on your bumbag.

(photo by Dion)

Aparently you can also come down at noon for some sober screaming, if you feel your lungs can handle it.

p.s. Wish Craig a Happy Birthday today or on Sunaday as he turns 22 today.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Yae!Tiger to join us @ the Annandale

After our little comp for an opening band I suprisingly received a large number of interested emails. In a world on absolutes there can be only one winner. So Yea!Tiger are going to open proceedings next Sunday at 6:30pm so get there early. Here's areview of their latest single/EP on Mess+Noise. I'm keen to see these guys.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jeffrey Lewis + LL's = OAF

We have been given the opportunity to play with Jeffrey Lewis at the Oxford Art Factory on the 10th of March. Last time Jeffrey Lewis came out he played solo with his picture book and quirky tunes. This time he is bringing a band so it'll be Jeffrey Lewis and The Junkyard.

Jeffrey Lewis is like a NYC younger Daniel Johnston style performer in the vaine of Kimya Dawson. He's been described as a comic book maestro, although he disagrees with this claim in his comics*. He writes songs about Will Oldham's glasses and getting kicked out of clubs but his story telling ability is what keeps you engaged to the end. Tickets are $25 and available here. It should be an awesome night, I know I'm looking forward to it.

Jeffrey Lewis 'Willamsburg Will Oldham Horror' love this song

Here's Jeffrey playing with Daniel Johnston. <-- Awesome.

And a picture of Jeffrey Lewis and David Herman Dune.

*see Jeffrey Lewis comic 'World Wide Comix Scavenger Hunt Vol.1' available as an iphone app.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Competition: Play with the Little Lovers

Woah! totally made a poster before we played the gig not to mention 2 weeks before the gig. Okay so our opening band pulled out. So if you want your brand new sweet as Bruce Springsteen Tribute band 'Spruce Flingsteen' to pay you can. Email and link your myspace. We're looking for someone whole bring say 10-15 of your paying mates and you'll get $1 off every punter on the door. So get shedding and email us. Need to email submit your entry before Thursday the 18th of Feb.

Daniel Johnston Exhibition

So I went to the Daniel Johnston exhibition at the Monster Children Art Gallery. I was there on the last day and I was so impressed I was iphone photoing all of the pictures, I only had 5 or so more to do when I noticed that there was infact a dude standing there. I then felt akward and had to leave but I tried to act all cool and stuff and flipped through so book/zines they were selling. Damn little guy hidding behind that counter. I don't feel too bad as they sold all the work and it's now over so I'm putting these photos up.

This one is my favourite

Favourite find of '09 - Herman Dune

i discovered this band last year and I'm still can't stop listening to it. I love this song and this clip. He's weird take on the english language, twists his lyrics' into genius where others would be average. The film clip is awesome however I think I enjoy the pre-greenscreen version over the intended postproduction version. I love the Seaseme Street vibe too. check it out. Herman Dune.

Here it is with the green screen taking out.

I think I like this song of his more than the previous. I love the keys and the feel. The Lyrics again are fantastic, one of my favourite lines is; "I'm ten years from teenage and that's a frekin' lot, I think I'm getting old". Also I dig the guitar solo with the film clip showing it as keys... cheeky. Check it out, look out for the same crazy pink monster mask.


Holy Snap!!! Check this out Robosaurus will be at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney. Here I am at work taking calls for RAS ticket bookings and I go to the website to help someone with a query and BAM! ROBOSAURUS. So if you thought the show was all giant cauliflowers and llamas then think again it's car destroying robotz, flying pigs, woodchop and stunt cars. Now I can't wait. Dang! cheese on a stick.

I want this thing for our next film clip.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tijuana Panthers - take Super Bowl Victory

Craig put me onto these guys, he heard the song creatures (below) on FBi and sat in his car for 10 mins waiting for the announcer to back annouce the tracks. I'm glad he did because these guys rule. Plus they also have a sweet name Tijuana Panthers check em out.

Tijuana Panthers - Creature

Tijuana Panthers - Summer Fun

Friday, February 5, 2010

Queensland Regresses to Joh Bjelke-Petersen Era

Queensland government is trying to increase the lock out to the whole state and possible increase the thresh hold to 2am. Along with proposed decreasing liquor licensing trading hours on bottleshops too. Not to mention a ban on glass, pool cues and finger printing patrons before entering a club.

Now the valley is a little like Dawn of the Dead at times with a whole heap of drunk idiots but this isn't the way to solve the drunken violence / injury. This will be the continued death of live music venues around Australia. However to show your distain against the propositions please sign this petition.

Headline Show at the Annandale

We're playing local rock show at local rock venue this month. So if you love live and local come on down to the Annandale on Sunday the 28th of February, that's right last day of summer lovin', and get your local rock gig on.

We're playing with Wifey, local rock band royalty; the Shakin' Howls, local sports team garage pole bearers and the Hurts, best new local talent for 2010.

Since we're fresh off the recording wagon, we'll play some tracks from forth coming EP and some new new ones to see how they go down. Expect a song about Conwea being a Warefoxx, I haven't written it yet but I will have by the 28th.

endorsed by local rock venue...

It'll probably look a lot like this...

an artist impression of the little lovers playing a local rock show

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More Camcording

Here are some more dodge recording photos snapped on Paul's Iphone.

Twiddle that knob Cam!

Craig looking thoughtfully at his floor tom thinking... "I need like three more"

Craig looking up more floor toms

Quick finish the words!!! I am...

"oh hey check out this drum" "....yeah , awesome... I guess"

Yeah I'm Cam, check me out.

5 Fuzz pedals!!!!!!

Thinking of lyics...

Ok I got some. "Second verse same as the first" (yes I actually did use that but in my defense it does proceed a Ramones reference, of which I had trouble saying Ramones instead of Ram Ones or Romans)

Monday, February 1, 2010


We recorded over the weekend with the legendary Camcorder. It was a blitz session of 5 songs over 2 days. Big thanks to Cam for his steller skills.

This guy >

Don't expect the recordings out too soon as we need to save up the money to release them but we got a 7" on the way before this anyhow. So unless someone wants to give us $2000 you'll just have to sit it out.
I didn't have much time to take any photos as I was under the pump with my fail guitar skills. I think Paul took some so I'll get them off me. We did eat some delicious food over the weekend that deserves a memorable mention; dang Peri Peri Chicken Pizza from Crust - Waaaaoooohhh and some pretty good burgers from Paul's Burgers, self proclaimed best burger in Australia, this required much descusion on the matter. The result it was a pretty tops burger but maybe not the best.
p.s. I only had my Iphone as a camera.

Oh, and then I found this photo on my phone but I have absolutley no recolection of taking it or remember seeing craig in his bagman getup.