Sunday, March 18, 2012

Game Day - Community Cup

Well it's here after 4 weeks of intense training, 17 hours of YouTube footage of Buddy Franklin and countless 'team bonding' beers we have finally reach the big day.

It's a sunny day but I recommend a picnic blanket for the wet ground from yesterday's rain. Gates are at noon, bounce is at 2pm. Get there early for the entertainment.

Here's the team photo, proudest moment being in front of the coverted Jet Set Lounge in strip ready to play on the greatest ground in the world, commonly referred to as the 8th wonder of the world, Henson Park.

Absent from photo: Joel Beeson - I hope he'll be there today he's a gun; Damien Lovelock - refuses to come to training, that's just detail to him, not interested; Captain Dan Sultan - we may have encouraged a few too many beers and or tequilla the night before at the Meanies show.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Western Walers Theme Song

We went into the studio with Glenn last night and belted out a footy anthem with 'gusto' inspired by the beloved Newtown Jets theme song. This is what we came up with;


Walers are coming
Hear the musos humming
Walers, Walers
Walers are flying - Sailors be crying
Walers, Walers
18 mates all dressed in black
taking marks on Sailor's backs
Walers, Walers
Here's the team that takes the cup
Walers won't be giving up
Walers hear the crowd - they're roaring
Clashing, trashing musos scoring
Walers are coming
Hear the musos humming
Walers, Walers
Walers are flying - Sailors be crying
Walers, Walers, Walers!

Music written by Ricky May - song: 13 Men All Dressed In Blue

Wintah Thompson - Vocals / dodgy piano accordion - (Western Walers) Little Lovers
Paul Cooper - Bass / vocals - (Western Walers) Little Lovers
Craig Lyons - Drums / vocals - (Community Cup Volunteer) Little Lovers
Glenn Thompson - Engineered, vocals and piano - Custard

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Community Cup

Wintah and Paul are competing in Sydney's first ever Community Cup Aussie Rules match on this Sunday the 18th of March. The match is renowned in Melbourne as the pinnacle of community footy in the nations footy capital and this year it's coming to Henson Park in Marrickville Sydney.

The community football (Aussie Rules – yes I have no idea how to play this) match is intended to be a one off fundraiser for charity organisation Reclink, who are responsible for using the medium of sport and arts to reach and enhance the lives disadvantaged communities all over the country. The idea is that an elite (unskilled, unfit and alcoholic) squad of musicians match up to the glitz and glam of Sydney's premier media junket junkies in what is deemed the most fervent, physical test of sporting endurance and comical wits in recent times.

The musicians, the Western Walers, will take on this so called conglomerate of media punks, the Sydney Sailors, in this epic battle. On the day there will be bands, beers, shenanigans and great contest between the power houses of what makes footy the national indigenous oval ball game that it is.

So join...
The Western Walers; Dan Sultan (Captain), Damien Lovelock (Co-Captain - Celibate Rifles), Mark Evans (AC/DC), Joel Beeson (Philadelphia Grand Jury), Cameron Potts (Dead Letter Chorus), Sam Worrad (The Holy Soul), Cec Condon (The Mess Hall, Adam Yee (Smudge), Wintah and Paul (no name joke band the Little Lovers) and numerous other unfit weedy musicians take on...

The Sydney Sailors; Adam Spencer (Captain), Scoot Dooley (Channel 10 - University of Sydney player), Fitzy (Big Brother / Nova - Ex Swans player - 4th draft pick 1998), Neil Cordy (ex-Sydney Swans - 235 profession AFL games), Rhys Muldoon (former Richmond player) and many other 'media' guns.

Bands on the day during the game:
The Celibate Rifles
Front End Loader
The Meanies
We also recorded a team theme song to the tune of the Newtown Jets – check it out here

Gates open & live music kicks off at 12 noon
2pm – Reclink Community Cup 'Bounce'

All for a great Charity - Reclink

For more information on the 2012 Reclink Community Cup in Syd-
ney go to
or find us on Facebook:
For more information on Reclink Australia visit