Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thanks / Atom Bombs Launch

Thanks so much everyone for coming along to the Annandale Show last Thursday (probably our last ever Annandale show). I feel it was a success even without my magical lighting vision… grumble grumble. A big thankyou to the Creepers, Fabergettes and Lyyar. You all ruled as per usual. A special thanks to Cam Lyons for driving the gear, I have your fishing rod and camp chairs at mine.

If you’re looking to party tomorrow night I highly recommend heading / surfing down to Good God Small club for the Atom Bombs 7” launch. It’ll be surftastic. Event details

P.s. Newtown Jets vs Cronulla Sharks - Henson Park 3pm Saturday 16/04/11 . I'll be at predrinks at Henson Park Hotel at around 1:30pm 

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