Friday, January 29, 2010

Recording... Tomorrow

Tomorrow we go off to the edge of the Sydney suburban sprawl to record on next edition in the Little Lovers saga. Embarking on this journey is renouned producer Cameron 'Specter' Potts

I haven't seen Cam behind the desk before but I imagine it looks a lot like this... Maybe I should have givin him a speach bubble because it looks like he's yelling something.

There we go that looks more realistic. Anyway wish us luck

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Monster Children Gallery - Daniel Johnston

I don't know how I missed this one but Daniel Johnston is opening his own exhibition in Monster Children Gallery in Darlinghurst tonight at 6pm. He'll be performing some songs as well as displaying his artwork. Daniel will be supported by English rock journalist Everett True aka 'The Legend"

Quick do your hair and iron that shirt and get down there pronto. Gallery is here

Sadly I'll miss it tonight... If your like me though the exhibition will be on until the 13th of February. However these are the Galleries Open Times

Sun - Closed
Mon - Closed
Tue - Closed
Wed - 12 to 6
Thu - 12 to 6
Fri - 12 - 6
Sat - 12 to 6

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bowling with the Little L's

We finally got some band photos done. After months of procrastinating the only way to motivate ourselves was over a friendly but fierce game of lawn bowls at our local Petersham Bowling Club. Thanks to Ellie for taking these shots.


they come out of these bags

Then you decide whos colours are whos

you get set

Then you power up...

then roll that gently down the green

st-roll to the oposite end

rinse, and repeat.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Unearthed App

There is an iphone app for everything these days and I have so many pointless ones... sonar measuring device (inaccurately measure how far away a wall is, with sound), spirit level (looks awesome never had an real opportunity to use it nor would I trust it since anything you need to use a level for is usually pretty important like building a house) and an app that does the talking for you (it's just stupid).

Anyhow you usually forget that the iphone is actually an ipod too. Although I haven't listened to anything on it lately, since when I want to listen to music, I want to browse for new stuff and you can't do that in the ipod app on your iphone, unless you browse the itunes store and buy tracks you’re not sure about. Until now!!! you can download, for free, the Triple J unearthed app. On the app you can browse all the artist that have uploaded tracks and download them for free straight to your phone (although I think you have to be in wifi to download them for some reason) stream tracks live, share tracks via email and twitter (whatever that is), send tracks your listening to via blue tooth to an audio device (which is a pretty sweet feature) and of course listen to the Little Lovers.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

This is the coolest thing since...

Well this is just the coolest thing ever. You've watched the original Transformers cartoons you probably like me owned a Transformer toy (I had Optimus Prime and trailer but the trailer was a double deck car trailer, I imagine the other transformers could drinve on it but I didn't have any others) you also would of, at one point owned a walkman (tape version). Now at one point in your life you would have thought hey all these three things are awesome and you know what would be more awesome all of them together. Now some companies tried and failed with special tapes that only a bit of a novelty some were cheap knock-offs that broke easily but with the power of grey skull... I mean mp3 here it is it's SOUNDWAVE the mp3 player.

Ohhhh snap it rules.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Single of the Week - Time Off

Hey sweet single of the week from good old faithful Time Off. Thanks guys. You can check it out here or below. Actually I love the Arbuckle song Computers are the new rock'n'roll.

LITTLE LOVERS - Look Out! Mufha Farkrrz, It’s The... Little Lovers

Finally released after a prolonged period on the shelf, the new EP from Brisbane band Little Lovers easily lives up to the expectations. It’s hard edged pop rock with a distinctly Australian style that conjures up easy reference points like the venerable Custard and it makes me wish that the band Arbuckle never broke up. That’s not to imply that it is copycatting in any way, and the excellent songwriting and personality shine through on every second of this EP. ‘Jonathan Richman’ is about Jonathon Richman moving to Richmond, it’s always been a classic in their set and the recording by Bryce Moorhead captures the spark very well. The whole set is really tight, and the last track ‘Robotz From Hell’ lifts the whole thing into a messy rock out jam which is awesome. Fantastic release from a great and reliable band.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Drum EP Review

Single review of our latest EP in Drum today. Thanks for the press Drum.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Single of the Week on Rave

Cunning plan of releasing an EP around the slowest part of the musical year, Christmas, ensures you get the most out of your free press. Rave reviewed our latest EP here (or below). Cheers Rave. Although we might blow your socks off when we release a single, as soon as I can afford to press it, 2 releases within 5 years BAM!

Singles - January 12, 2010
LITTLE LOVERS – Look Out! Mufha Farkrrz, It’s The… EP

(Stable Abel)

Five years is a long time between albums. It’s a fucking soul-crushing length between your first two EPs. More than enough time for fans to forget who the band was to begin with … so let’s recap. Brisbane, 2005. The Valley was being gentrified and swamped with trendy outsiders. Triple J was giving longtime listeners the shits. And an undercurrent of new Brissy indie pop was giving everyone some hope. It’s hard to picture, isn’t it? Little Lovers were one of those bands – cheeky, piss-taking and Custard-like, with a four-song EP that, in the right circles, you couldn’t avoid hearing. Then they kinda stopped, apparently moved to Sydney, members came and went, and local shows became less-than-sporadic. The thing is, those four songs never got old. If you were a fan at the time, odds are you still have that EP on your iPod. So it is that five years later, there’s still a buzz about the second coming of Little Lovers. So how do the “new” songs, all five of them, sound? Largely, just like the first four. Opener Jonathan Richman contains all the singalong, clapalong, knowingly silly lyrics that made the band a synonym for FUN in the first place. Havin’ A Party, despite a crashing lo-fi sound, cowbells and even a portion of spoken word, sounds more like Custard than they ever have, and at just over three minutes, is the longest of the bunch. Country Girls adds a western twang, 1989 slows things down slightly like early Go-Betweens covering Blur’s Coffee & TV, before Robotz From Hell closes proceedings with a mock-angry splutter. Obviously content to follow their own path, an album from Little Lovers would be an intriguing prospect, but so long as they keep the fun, an average of one or two songs a year is fine by me.

4zzz Review

4zzz the only comunity radio station in Brisbane that promotes local music. Big thanks to 4zzz who have always been supportive. Whether it's playing in their carpark, promoting shows or playing our songs on the radio. We got a review on 4zzz for our recent EP. You can check out what they thought here (and below).

CD Review: Little Lovers
By 4zzzmusicteam
Look Out! Mufha Farkrrz, It’s The...

Everyone knows that an album cover with T-Rex (or is it Godzilla) shooting flames out of his eyes at robots is going to be tops. This is no exception, but not what is expected. I don’t know about you but flame shooting eyeballs from a large lizard make me think of hard rock or maybe of the Beastie Boys (see Intergalactic video clip) and their doodie rhymes.

What you get, however, is smooth melodic rock. Not expected, but not a disappointment.

Ok, so they are heavily influenced by Custard, but do you really care? Custard was a great band so is sounding like them a bad thing?

I don’t think so.

With songs showing a musical maturity that is not seen in large amounts of today’s post Emo world, this EP gives you that familiar feeling of comfortable couches, daggy jeans and a well loved t-shirt.

Classic sounds that you know but cannot pinpoint lead you to a place where your head is nodding, foot tapping and you are singing along even though you have never heard the songs before.

Good for a Saturday in the backyard with mates and a brew or two. Put the Little Lovers on, sit down and have a long discussion about the nature and origin of belly button fluff, the universe and how the two are connected, or maybe pull out the bocce set. Either or, doesn’t really matter, both would be an excellent accompaniment for this album. Party rock. Simple, yet in such limited supply that you should grab hold of it when ever you find it and encourage it to blossom for as long as it can.

5 songs was not enough and I found myself wishing for more as the CD player once again started spinning the lyrically simple but extremely catchy “Jonathan Richman”.
“Robotz From Hell” is the rock out track on the EP (I can see it going off live), but it does not even come close to scaring your mum. Even dad would listen to this and not tell you to turn it down, he might even want to go to the pub with you to see them play.

But don’t let my talk of family unity put you off. Little Lovers have what should be a CD in your collection, “Look Out! Mufha Farkrrz, It’s The” is an album that will be high on any rotation of any that decide to give it a listen.

It is just too catchy to put down.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Little Lovers @ MuM This Friday

It's our first show of the year. We're slaming out some tunes at MuM at World bar this Friday. It'll be Party Party Party time as it's a tops line-up this weekend. Shakin' Howls will be playing again and we might be jumping up and playing a Clean cover with them, if we get time to reherse this week. There's a $5 discount off the door price if you attend our facebook event. So come on down and have a Boogie.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Turn It Up!!

This guy has been to every show and seen every band that has played in Brisbane. Why should you care you ask? Well the difference is he bootlegs and archives every single one. You can go through and download an entire set of any show in brisbane. The site only goes back to 2008 but I'm sure I've seen him at shows before this and I've got downloads from before that but I'm not sure where/if he keeps them online. Some people might think it's a bit dodgey but he pays to get into every show he goes to and he always buys the bands CDs. So good one him, right?

Anyhow if your bored you can checkout Little Lovers @ Rics 29/08/09 supported by Extra Foxx (yes Extra Foxx's set is uploaded too). Personaly I haven't listened to it but I'm sure Extra Foxx's 15 min version of Hyperspace where the whole crowd was screaming the lyrics will rule or I was drunker than i thought.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Mum Tonight!

Playing some tunes at MuM tonight at World Bar right before Shakin' Howls play (i believe). So be ready for a mix of first pumping party anthems, wait that's if I just play W.K. which is likley. First MuM of the year, also there is double the fun as there is a new level open with bands playing. Catch Bearhug, Love Connection, Halal How Are You, Gineafowl and We Say Bamboulèe

Don't forget Little Lovers next week at MuM

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Extra Foxxxxxx

One of my favourite Birsbane bands. I think Conwea's songs are genius. He's finally gotten around to recording an album and what an album 35 tracks in total and it's only $10, what a bargin.

I think I've seen Extra Foxx at least 30 times live and they are always 100% entertaining. I don't think I have ever ever seen the same lineup twice although I have see Conwea's balls on more than one occasion. Memorable occasions include. Seeing Extra Fox at the place next to the Healer, i think, with 3 guitarists Roly, Dale and Conwea all using 10 watt amps or smaller on stools for extra volume, at the 4zzz Carpark supporting LLs last time we were up with Bot Bot on drums who was drunker than I have ever seen a human times 10 and just recently in December in the corner bar at the step in with a naked, intoxicated Conwea in 2 piece mode.

Check out Extra Foxx's Album review on Mess'n'Noise.

John Steel Mingers

A half dozen of devilishly handsome dudes who sometimes go by the name a "Swingly Bad Hump'my'ick" or John Steel Singers have been recording with renowned Robert Forster. Out of these sessions for the Singers' latest album is the first single 'Masochist'. We recently support the big Johns in Sydney for the launch of said single. So if you missed it you can download the Steel's single from itunes right now for free. I can only assume it is single of the week on itunes hence the give away. How can you not, it's free.

P.S. Damien 'Buddah' Hammond wasn't there for the photo shoot so I just added him in on paint.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shakin' Breakin' Bowls

Shakin' Howls residecy all this month at MuM at World Bar. Get down and dirty with all your favourite characters, you got ya Itchie Ritchies, Pee On Dions, Bendy Brendy and ya Dan Bishtons. This week at MuM I will be playing some of the best 7"s I own for some dance floor boogying and next week the LL's will be playing Mum as well so just go every friday this January.

Hi Everybody....

Welcome to the LLs blog. I've just spent the last 3 hours trying to work out the paypal shop buttons. So hopefully they work. Give me some feed back if you have any trouble placing orders and I will try and answer them.

Also we've just uploaded 2 tracks to the TripleJ Unearthed page add it to your play list and write a stellar review if you feel.