Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Update - March 11

It’s been a while since updates.

Firstly, we have been working with Nick Franklin to finish off some mixing on some tracks we recorded and yet to release. Watch this space. We need some artwork asap, if you know anyone keen let me know.

We played in Newcastle last weekend, thanks so much to Brooke and Shane from Yae!tiger / Nice Filly for organizing and inviting us to play the event. We ended up video recording an acoustic spontaneous song for the Nice Filly blog. The recording mic ran out of battery halfway so we’ll see if camera mic is audible or not.

Chris found this link of us playing at the Annandale a while back on Moshcams. I’m too afraid to watch it. By memory the show wasn't that great.

Also the big news. We’re playing Thursday the 7th of April at the Annandale with Lyyar / Fabergettes / Creepers. See the poster below. Inspiration of which is we were once described as 'David Cross drawing Daniel Johnston’s ‘Hi how are you’ frog on the front of your favourite Star Trek t-shirt.'

It’s $8 entry THAT’S $2 A BAND!!!!!

We need to get as many people as we can so we can play at the venue in the future, invite your friends, your mum, your dad, your siblings, your siblings friends, that guy at work you feel obliged to have a drink with but you don’t like talking to (a gig will be perfect since you can’t talk that much and you’ll have something to discuss in between bands) and your enemies. Facebook event.

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