Thursday, September 10, 2015

Smudge - Manilow Tribute Album

We have been honoured to be asked to contribute to the Smudge – Manilow tribute album. We’re aptly covering track 8 ‘Little Help’. The vinyl only super limited release (I think) will only be available via Indiegogo presales. Looks to be just 200 copies. You have 44 days to get your orders in people.

This is the best I could figure out the lyrics. I got Tom’s approval, more or less.

The record is full of all your favourite slacker Gods covering all your favourite slacker anthems.We’re right after Little Lovers’ band hero Lou Barlow. The record also features Evan Dando, Rat Cat, Courtney Barnet, Brisbane legend - Seja, Brisbane mates - Undead Apes, Two Am I (2 of You Am I I assume), Sydney’s/Petersham Bowlo’s (Only because I should see them all down there on Sunday)- Youth Group and uncle Nic Dalton and the GLoomchasers

Wintah and Family band The Answers are playing at the family friendly funday "It's a family Affair" put on by uncle Nic Dalton at the Petersham Bowlo Sunday arvo the 13th of September.