Saturday, December 11, 2010

Monthly Update 20 Nov - 11 Dec

Things that have been happening lateley.
  • Discovered Kim Jong-Il looking at things possibly the greatest blog on the internet.
  • Fabergettes new sydney band have two of the greatest songs this side of the financial year
  • Thought bow ties as a cat collar would make me billions, turns out someone is already doing it
  • Bought We Say Bamboulee - Bush Tracks, did the Postcode Promises song it's pretty cute.
  • Nick Franklin is currently mixing our forth coming EP
  • Smudge supporting Lemonheads was so awesome it was kinda better than the Lheads
  • rediscovered my love of B-Ball
  • myspace is dead
  • Wrote my first song in drop D tuning an ode to my buddies from Violent Soho.
  • Partied with JSS again... those crazy kids.
Oxford Arts with Yae!Tiger whom will be launching a double A-side single (looking forward to this) in the FREE Gallery Bar. We'll be on at 9pm.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Silver Jews - Documentary

This looks really interesting, especially if you love the Silver Jews . I've watch the first couple of parts so far but I'm at work. If your thinking of procrastinating your Friday away you might as well watch this as it's only up for a short time, one week only apparently. In 22 short parts.

//The links have been removed it's been taken down.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fabergettes - Tonight

So the newest raddest band this side of ...the colouring-in pencils is the Fabbergettes. All star female line-up (Marty, honorary member of the fairer gender) include Cipi 'Crazy Cat' on lead guitar, Bec on Bedazzling Bass, Notorious Nat on vox and Marty on some sort of stick thing. This is as much as I can tell you about them since their first gig was on Sunday and it ruled. Apparently they're playing tonight at the loft at 8pm. I can't find any information about it anywhere so it's only a tip off but if it's going down it's going to be awesome. loft is usually free.

This picture rules.

Exxciting News

Arguable Brisbane's second best band of all time - Extra Foxx have an album coming out. If I'm not mistaken it's going to be a blazing 12 hit special sauce of hero sandwich delicious. Including but not limited to Big Pineapple as the myspace sample suggests (some reason this wack ne myspace thing isn't running on my compy). Further more Conwae's musical genius can be transposed into this ruling press shot, album tease of graphical immortality... screw you adjectives I'll let the picture do the talking.

I'm excited.

Come to Sydney Conwae.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Spewtown Binge Bestival happened on Sunday. Freakin' sweet. It was Howl, Shakin' Howls, Little Lovers, Atom Bombs, Fabergettes and another band I missed cause I had to get my guitar but I was told they were pretty ruling. The party was mental. Playing in a room the 5m x 4m was insane especially on such a brutally hot day. Thanks Roxy for such a fantastic time. I think I'll get you a present for hosting such a huge party and having to clean up all that mess. The bands ruled Fabergettes were awesome can't wait to see them, Atom Bombs are getting better every single time I see them and Shakin' apparently you cause more injuries than any other band in the inner west you guys are wild.

I would also like to apologize to Jordy Lane as I remember talking to you but even as I was talking I couldn't work out nor remember what I was saying. Who knows. Apparently Benny gave us a trophy... I don't remember that bit. Anyway nice words from Benny below.

Ben Horder:

"I gave best band of the day award to Little Lovers, they put on the best show and peed in the right pockets, second best was Fabergettes awesome songs but first gig nerves didn't let their full performative talents unleash like the Little Lovers set, Shakin Howls were awesome but was too intense and dangerous particularly due to someone who shall remain nameless..."

Also I hope my mic and guitar is still there...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Smudge Show - Sando

We played F*ing kick arse show at the Sando a couple of weeks back, supporting Smudge on their Newtown leg of their tour. Fun times was the order of the day not to mention Smudge t-shirts (yes Nic it's real not a bootleg). Thanks to all who came and a super special thanks to Smudge for inviting us to play. Can’t wait to play with those kids again, maybe this time I’ll know the words to Divan. Luckily that master knew every lyric. Anyhow, good ol’ cowbell. Thanks to Drum for the review.

Click to biggerize

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So this week is a killer week at the Petersham Bowling Club. Thursday super special times are to be had watching Glenn + Adel (+ a little bit of Tim) and the Jewel and the Falcon, of which are also freakin awesome. Not only that but it's only a fiver to get in and the super special price of $3 a beer. Did you hear that $3 a beer, that's a schooner, of beer, $3.

Plus also this week, at the bowlo, is last minute Super Fun Times with Shakin' Howls and the Little Lovers on Saturday night. Only $5 for killer entertainment. Be there! But wait there's more if you want to save your $5 for the bar you can scetch your own glorious picture of Bishton and receive FREE ENTRY!* Dion says this show won't be awkward but I'll be trying my best to make it otherwise.

* your picture must be better than the one above.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Warehouse Party - 7th of August

Hitting the Marrickville or Mazzaville Industrial scene TOMORROW NIGHT with a gig at Cosmos' Rock Lounge. It's BYO booze and we'll provide the good times. Here is the facebook event. Also playing is Myth and tropics. Doors are at 8pm. 13 Mitchell Street Marrickville off Victoria Road. Hells easy to get to. Below is a map... if it loads...

View Larger Map

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Drum - Live review Violent Soho + LL @ Annandale 23/07/10

We got a little mention in this week's Drum. Thanks Drum...

I like how they mentioned both Lukes (Luke Bordam and Luke Henry) gave a fairly warm response. I thought them hooplaring and cheering would have counted as perhaps affectionate but hey, I'm no journalist.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Live review Violent Soho + LL @ Annandale 23/07/10

The AU Review is a thing, I don't really know much about it but this is what they said

It is difficult to imagine, when observing the masses of leather jackets, studs, and dirty beards at the Annandale on Friday night, that these crowds were here to see a band whose most popular song references Jesus in its title. A self-confessed stoner rock band, Violent Soho were here to ignite an explosive release for their new self-titled album, as well as showcase all the live tricks and techniques picked up whilst touring with Dinosaur Jr. in the USA.

The first of the three supporting acts, Little Lovers - a three-piece band from Brisbane - walked on stage with the sort of awkwardness you'd expect from a band about to play a set of self-defined humourous music. It didn't seem as though their main priority was to make the crowds laugh, however. Rather, they expressed a desire to just charm us all with their quirky music and cuteness, which turned out to be a successful endeavour. The soft vocals and mellow rhythms seemed to inspire a sort of soft head bopping amongst the small groups of long haired men holding schooners of Tooheys New.

Next up were Butcher Birds – three sexy women, and a sexy man who looks like a woman. Butcher Birds played a set of angry, loud music which was contrasted and harmonised by the sweetness of the female vocals. Although the guitar riffs were brilliant and catchy, leaving no room for anyone to stand around not moving, the band refused to really dive into the physicality of playing live music, preferring to just stand around strumming their guitars and looking hot. Playing a genre which was much closer to that of Violent Soho, the band at least succeeded in proving the blatant banality of the audience's musical preferences, as they all began to thrash about and deeply get into the music.

The final support for Violent Soho was Scul Hazzards, who succeeded only in providing sufficient naptime for the fans at Annandale before Soho would take the stage. Whilst the band did seem to reel in a couple of fans for the show, they failed to really capture the attention of those who'd not heard of them before, such as myself. Noisy, ear-bashing guitars and screechy vocals aren't really the kind of qualities you'd be looking for in top-notch music.

Despite the display of musical butchering prior, Violent Soho managed to play an electrifying set which had hair swishing and necks cracking mid-headbang. The band really got into the heavy tunes of the music they were playing, and seemed determined to prove themselves to those skeptics who believe radioplay has negatively impacted on the quality of their live shows. “Jesus Stole My Girlfriend” had even a couple of bouncers outside getting into it, and it's blindingly clear that Violent Soho are able to entertain a wide variety of crowds. However, although the band managed to successfully translate the sound of their recorded songs live, and had fans leaving in a happy, satisfied trance; it is without a doubt that they were upstaged by the supporting acts (namely Little Devils and Butcher Birds).

Thanks AU review guys and gals. I wouldn't say we upstaged them... But we are Devilishly Good Looking.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Boaties Review - Soho This Friday

Thanks Drum for the review and the Boaties for the show. Although the quote of the night has to go to the guy who said this to Paul “Are you guys like some kind of half band and half stand up group or something?” Well as long as you had a kick arse time we’ll be whatever you want...

click to biggerfy)

This Friday sees us drop the pop songs from the set and muster up some inner bleach. Violent Soho!!! freakin’ excited.

Facebook event for details.

This is the best band photo of all time.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cool Shit 2#

So I want to watch NZ defy all the odds and somehow get through to the final 16 this world cup but I have to wait till midnight. I've been up since 4:30am and need to keep myself from falling to sleep. What am I going to do...

Bam! I'll bake some awesome...

$3 Beers
Cheap Schnitzels
Dead Farmers
a measly $5 door
free pool
7:30 so I don't fall asleep
And it finishes before the footy
An empty vessel that is as big as, looks and smells like the Petersham Bowling Club

Get to the Petersham Bowlo, prepare yourself in some pants you've worn earlier, mix all the ingredients at once. Then release pants.


Alternatively, You can go to Oxford Arts and check out Brendys waxed mustache, Dion's Shell-necklace-denim-jacket-no-tshirt ensemble, Ritchie's lack there of, Bish's wife beater and Ellie's trademark tambambourine thigh bruising insanity all for free supporting Fait Accompli in the gallery bar. Not to mention hitting up everyone's favorite bar on Oxford st. the Brighton for beers after/before/and inbetween.

Whatever you do make sure it's either of these.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

JJJ Unearthed

Cheers Pakton, whoever you are

If you want to listen to tracks for free go here and check it out JJJ Unearthed

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Waveton Recording Times

We starting recording last weekend for our debut album. We churned out some sweet drums, bass and some guitar on six tracks. We went out to Waveton old army barracks with Tim Kevin and tangled ourselves in a hell of a lot of cables ribbon mics tape machines and old metal boxes with really big knobs... and here they are

This box seemed integral to the recording process (I think it meant awesome on or off) notice how it's in the middle.

Midnight Oil's tape machine... true story and Paul's melted volley.

More big analogue knobs. These ones are from an 1940s mic pre

Even the fan is vintage

Tim... Laughing at our musical prowess... probably

Vintage tape machine works really well as an amp

Lyons and his emergency dunny roll


This Kookaburra was not scared at all no matter how close I got.

Cool Shit

I love cool shit, like this picture of Dom eating an Ice Cream


and slot cars

But also I'm pretty excited about this album. Looking forward to hearing it when it comes out next Saturday.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shows, Blows and Moes

Shows Shows Shows

That's right we're playing shows. We're also starting to record our debut album this weekend. Wish us luck.

LL's - (Party Set)
Mum - World Bar - 18th June - $10 Doorlist if you attend thisevent
The Shake Up
Shakin' Howls
Artisan Guns
Little L's

LL's - (Pop Set)
Spectrum - 16th July - $10+BF Moshtix
Boatpeople (Album Launch)
Little Lovers

LL's (Grunge/Punk Set)
The Annandale - 23rd July - $15+BF Dale Site
Violent Soho (Freakin' Back in the A.U.S)
Scul Hazzards
Butcher Birds
Little Lovers

There has been no fights, oh wait except for Dion breakin' Benny's wrist.

Brendy got back from OS and has the sweetest waxed twisty Moe. Hopefully you can all witness the awesome on the Friday Night at MUM.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Jucy Lovers

Little Lovers hit the big screen. New Aussie film Jucy features Little Lovers song and also features a little bit on the short (click the link). Directed by Louise Alston and written by Stephen Vagg, who previously worked together on AFI nominated feature All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane. The film is pretty Brisbane, set in the seminal Trash Video store in West end, which was the street I used to live on ohhh the memories... right near that sweet Vietnamese bakery, such good pork salad rolls. Anyway also featuring on the film is Brisbane local heroes I Heart Hiroshima. Go check out the short. Film is beeing screened in Cannes... now I suppose. Release date soon I guess. Yeah I missed the Sydney premier by inquiring the night after it was shown... fail.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Fitzroy... Lions

From Brisbane Bears to Fitzroy Lions via Sydney Swans and a stop in at Hawthorne Hawks. This is the LL story thus far expressed solely through the metaphor of life that is AFL. Why so Victorian, you ask?

Well we're hitting the Victorian capitol city for a one off, kick arse, type of non local rock show. We're joining Halfheads, Late Arvo Sons and the Spinning Rooms at the Old Bar in Fitzroy TONIGHT (30-04-10) and we're playing a slew of punk garage hits. If you come to the show and give us your email. we'll email you a free track, Ho HO!

Side note; We were going to be playing the Pony as well but I fucked up the flights... big sorry and a big thanks to Xavier helping us out.

p.s. If your in Melbourne you better come because we gave up our home team's footy match for this. Go the Mighty Blue Bags!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Photos From The Annandale

Just so snaps from the Annandale show. This was our last / most recent show. Our next show at Jordy Lane's Fuzzbox we will be sporting brand new hair cuts and facial hair. So none of us look like this anymore. Thanks to Ellie for these shots.

Me tuning

Me probably talking about tuning.

Paul and Craig... not bothering with tuning

Me checking the tuning

ohhh no. Tune again

"How does this F# sound?"
... Shit

As a visual review I will try and tune less at future shows and I apologize for these errors in the past.

I need a new tuner and guitar setup....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rocketcar Day. The Greatest Day On Earth!

So Rocketcar Day 12 - High Doom is upon us. This Sunday the 11th of April.

The Little Lovers Fully and Unofficially endorse the amazing day that is Rocketcar Day. If you don't know much about Rocketcar Day let me fill you in. Think of all the most awesome things in the world; Plastic Dinosaurs, Toy Robots, Mutated Barbie/Monster Truck Monster, a Giant M&M filled with smaller M&Ms and for the healthier type a Carrot. Then attach some wheels (only if you feel like it, the giant M&M had no wheels) then the all important rocket. Get some rowdy kids to push the ignite handle, like some ACME Looney Tunes device and watch the rockets shoot themselves down the street or straight into the shins of the raucous masses cheering and hoop-la-ing with beer and BBQ sausage in hand in the back streets of Marrickville. Add to this the hilarious commentary to long haired Rocketcar enthusiast on the back with a megaphone on the back of a flatbed truck and you might have a 1/4 of the awesomeness in your head.

Facebook event here:
Sydney Steel Rd Marrickville
11/04/10 Sun 1pm Ignition time.

Hopefully I have enough time to build my winning entry this year.

Hear are some photos from Rocketcar Day 11 last year (lifted from their site)

The 4x4 Race Category

Challengers, ready!

Prototype catapult design self destructs in a flurry of Awesomeness

And the fabled Giant M&M full off m&m's. Note the lack of wheels. It exploded on the road and kids raced onto the track to scavenge and devour the m&m's with the slight taste of gunpowder and gravel. Still slightly warm.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Live at the Loft 'FUZZBOX'

Hi all, It's been a bit quite on the LL front. Been writing new songs, madly or madly writing new songs. That and trying to work out protools so I can mix some songs we have recorded.

Anyways hopefully we should be able to 'showcase' (I hate the word showcase it's so drab) play some new songs that you would have never ever ever heard before. Wow. Imagine that. I also have been challenged to write a song about Dion. So we'll see how that goes.

We're playing with the awesome Yae!Tiger and get this it's free... well just for Yae!Tiger you have to pay with your cheesey sanity to endure a LL set. Join the facebook events and this one. bask in the glory of my awesome poster.
Ohh and there's a happy hour?? 5-6pm and Throwshapes DJs.
So don't go see JSS and Philly Js on the 16th go see them on the 15th and come to this free awesome event the following night.

Friday, March 26, 2010

1st Sydney Review

Long time no hear? You say. Well yeah. Next show is at the UTS Loft bar aka FUZZBOX friday, facebook event, we're playing with Yae!Tiger sweet!!! Should have a bunch of new songs or hopefully at least 3.

We got our first live review in Sydney. Seems odd saying that but it is. It's little but I suppose so are we.

Full review here

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Posters For The Jeffrey Lewis Show

Check out these sweet posters Phoebe did up for us. I think she's pretty keen on doing more band posters if your interested. Check em out. I title these Robotz Vs Fences. Also come to the show it'll be amazing. Info on Jeffrey Lewis.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thanks All

Thanks to everyone who came to the Annandale show. A big thanks to Yae!Tiger, Lyyar and Shakin' Howls. We needed to get 100 payers to appese the dale. We ended up with 90 on a raining Sunday so I think that's a win... I think.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Buttons 'n' Badges 'n' Pins... Oh My!

We got Badges, Buttons, Pins and what have you. Come on down Sunday at the Annandale and give a charitable donation an receive a pin. I would have taken a closer photo but the iphone camera doesn't like macro shots. So when I borrow a better camera i'll put them on our store. Look here for store -->