Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tonight & Tomorrow - Christmas Show with Peter Combe

Tonight and Tomorrow night at the Vanguard supporting Childhood hero Peter Combe and the Newspaper Mama Band.

Christmas, 1996. Cameron Lyons receives Peter Combe's "Toffee Apple" on CD, to go with the ABC For Kids VHS tapes. Shortly after, we discover the "Program" and "Repeat" buttons on the family stereo. This shit is burned into my brain so hard, I think seeing it live is the final stage in the ABC Youth Education/Brainwashing Program of the Late 80s/Early 90s. Please come and assist in the Spaghetti/Newspaper/Toffe Apple/Orange Juice/Bubblegum flavoured madness. Fry an egg on the Vanguard. Wash your hair with Reschs. Clean your teeth with a Rowda Ya Habibi Kebab.

Facebook event

Doors open 6:30pm
Little Lovers 8:30 – 9:15
Peter Combe and the Newspaper Mama Band 9:45 – 11:00

Diner tickets availalbe.

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