Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Spewtown Binge Bestival happened on Sunday. Freakin' sweet. It was Howl, Shakin' Howls, Little Lovers, Atom Bombs, Fabergettes and another band I missed cause I had to get my guitar but I was told they were pretty ruling. The party was mental. Playing in a room the 5m x 4m was insane especially on such a brutally hot day. Thanks Roxy for such a fantastic time. I think I'll get you a present for hosting such a huge party and having to clean up all that mess. The bands ruled Fabergettes were awesome can't wait to see them, Atom Bombs are getting better every single time I see them and Shakin' apparently you cause more injuries than any other band in the inner west you guys are wild.

I would also like to apologize to Jordy Lane as I remember talking to you but even as I was talking I couldn't work out nor remember what I was saying. Who knows. Apparently Benny gave us a trophy... I don't remember that bit. Anyway nice words from Benny below.

Ben Horder:

"I gave best band of the day award to Little Lovers, they put on the best show and peed in the right pockets, second best was Fabergettes awesome songs but first gig nerves didn't let their full performative talents unleash like the Little Lovers set, Shakin Howls were awesome but was too intense and dangerous particularly due to someone who shall remain nameless..."

Also I hope my mic and guitar is still there...

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