Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So this week is a killer week at the Petersham Bowling Club. Thursday super special times are to be had watching Glenn + Adel (+ a little bit of Tim) and the Jewel and the Falcon, of which are also freakin awesome. Not only that but it's only a fiver to get in and the super special price of $3 a beer. Did you hear that $3 a beer, that's a schooner, of beer, $3.

Plus also this week, at the bowlo, is last minute Super Fun Times with Shakin' Howls and the Little Lovers on Saturday night. Only $5 for killer entertainment. Be there! But wait there's more if you want to save your $5 for the bar you can scetch your own glorious picture of Bishton and receive FREE ENTRY!* Dion says this show won't be awkward but I'll be trying my best to make it otherwise.

* your picture must be better than the one above.

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