Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Live at the Loft 'FUZZBOX'

Hi all, It's been a bit quite on the LL front. Been writing new songs, madly or madly writing new songs. That and trying to work out protools so I can mix some songs we have recorded.

Anyways hopefully we should be able to 'showcase' (I hate the word showcase it's so drab) play some new songs that you would have never ever ever heard before. Wow. Imagine that. I also have been challenged to write a song about Dion. So we'll see how that goes.

We're playing with the awesome Yae!Tiger and get this it's free... well just for Yae!Tiger you have to pay with your cheesey sanity to endure a LL set. Join the facebook events and this one. bask in the glory of my awesome poster.
Ohh and there's a happy hour?? 5-6pm and Throwshapes DJs.
So don't go see JSS and Philly Js on the 16th go see them on the 15th and come to this free awesome event the following night.

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