Thursday, June 17, 2010

Waveton Recording Times

We starting recording last weekend for our debut album. We churned out some sweet drums, bass and some guitar on six tracks. We went out to Waveton old army barracks with Tim Kevin and tangled ourselves in a hell of a lot of cables ribbon mics tape machines and old metal boxes with really big knobs... and here they are

This box seemed integral to the recording process (I think it meant awesome on or off) notice how it's in the middle.

Midnight Oil's tape machine... true story and Paul's melted volley.

More big analogue knobs. These ones are from an 1940s mic pre

Even the fan is vintage

Tim... Laughing at our musical prowess... probably

Vintage tape machine works really well as an amp

Lyons and his emergency dunny roll


This Kookaburra was not scared at all no matter how close I got.

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