Friday, April 30, 2010

Fitzroy... Lions

From Brisbane Bears to Fitzroy Lions via Sydney Swans and a stop in at Hawthorne Hawks. This is the LL story thus far expressed solely through the metaphor of life that is AFL. Why so Victorian, you ask?

Well we're hitting the Victorian capitol city for a one off, kick arse, type of non local rock show. We're joining Halfheads, Late Arvo Sons and the Spinning Rooms at the Old Bar in Fitzroy TONIGHT (30-04-10) and we're playing a slew of punk garage hits. If you come to the show and give us your email. we'll email you a free track, Ho HO!

Side note; We were going to be playing the Pony as well but I fucked up the flights... big sorry and a big thanks to Xavier helping us out.

p.s. If your in Melbourne you better come because we gave up our home team's footy match for this. Go the Mighty Blue Bags!

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