Monday, January 25, 2010

Unearthed App

There is an iphone app for everything these days and I have so many pointless ones... sonar measuring device (inaccurately measure how far away a wall is, with sound), spirit level (looks awesome never had an real opportunity to use it nor would I trust it since anything you need to use a level for is usually pretty important like building a house) and an app that does the talking for you (it's just stupid).

Anyhow you usually forget that the iphone is actually an ipod too. Although I haven't listened to anything on it lately, since when I want to listen to music, I want to browse for new stuff and you can't do that in the ipod app on your iphone, unless you browse the itunes store and buy tracks you’re not sure about. Until now!!! you can download, for free, the Triple J unearthed app. On the app you can browse all the artist that have uploaded tracks and download them for free straight to your phone (although I think you have to be in wifi to download them for some reason) stream tracks live, share tracks via email and twitter (whatever that is), send tracks your listening to via blue tooth to an audio device (which is a pretty sweet feature) and of course listen to the Little Lovers.

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