Thursday, January 7, 2010

Extra Foxxxxxx

One of my favourite Birsbane bands. I think Conwea's songs are genius. He's finally gotten around to recording an album and what an album 35 tracks in total and it's only $10, what a bargin.

I think I've seen Extra Foxx at least 30 times live and they are always 100% entertaining. I don't think I have ever ever seen the same lineup twice although I have see Conwea's balls on more than one occasion. Memorable occasions include. Seeing Extra Fox at the place next to the Healer, i think, with 3 guitarists Roly, Dale and Conwea all using 10 watt amps or smaller on stools for extra volume, at the 4zzz Carpark supporting LLs last time we were up with Bot Bot on drums who was drunker than I have ever seen a human times 10 and just recently in December in the corner bar at the step in with a naked, intoxicated Conwea in 2 piece mode.

Check out Extra Foxx's Album review on Mess'n'Noise.

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