Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Single of the Week - Time Off

Hey sweet single of the week from good old faithful Time Off. Thanks guys. You can check it out here or below. Actually I love the Arbuckle song Computers are the new rock'n'roll.

LITTLE LOVERS - Look Out! Mufha Farkrrz, It’s The... Little Lovers

Finally released after a prolonged period on the shelf, the new EP from Brisbane band Little Lovers easily lives up to the expectations. It’s hard edged pop rock with a distinctly Australian style that conjures up easy reference points like the venerable Custard and it makes me wish that the band Arbuckle never broke up. That’s not to imply that it is copycatting in any way, and the excellent songwriting and personality shine through on every second of this EP. ‘Jonathan Richman’ is about Jonathon Richman moving to Richmond, it’s always been a classic in their set and the recording by Bryce Moorhead captures the spark very well. The whole set is really tight, and the last track ‘Robotz From Hell’ lifts the whole thing into a messy rock out jam which is awesome. Fantastic release from a great and reliable band.

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