Monday, January 11, 2010

Turn It Up!!

This guy has been to every show and seen every band that has played in Brisbane. Why should you care you ask? Well the difference is he bootlegs and archives every single one. You can go through and download an entire set of any show in brisbane. The site only goes back to 2008 but I'm sure I've seen him at shows before this and I've got downloads from before that but I'm not sure where/if he keeps them online. Some people might think it's a bit dodgey but he pays to get into every show he goes to and he always buys the bands CDs. So good one him, right?

Anyhow if your bored you can checkout Little Lovers @ Rics 29/08/09 supported by Extra Foxx (yes Extra Foxx's set is uploaded too). Personaly I haven't listened to it but I'm sure Extra Foxx's 15 min version of Hyperspace where the whole crowd was screaming the lyrics will rule or I was drunker than i thought.

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