Monday, January 18, 2010

Single of the Week on Rave

Cunning plan of releasing an EP around the slowest part of the musical year, Christmas, ensures you get the most out of your free press. Rave reviewed our latest EP here (or below). Cheers Rave. Although we might blow your socks off when we release a single, as soon as I can afford to press it, 2 releases within 5 years BAM!

Singles - January 12, 2010
LITTLE LOVERS – Look Out! Mufha Farkrrz, It’s The… EP

(Stable Abel)

Five years is a long time between albums. It’s a fucking soul-crushing length between your first two EPs. More than enough time for fans to forget who the band was to begin with … so let’s recap. Brisbane, 2005. The Valley was being gentrified and swamped with trendy outsiders. Triple J was giving longtime listeners the shits. And an undercurrent of new Brissy indie pop was giving everyone some hope. It’s hard to picture, isn’t it? Little Lovers were one of those bands – cheeky, piss-taking and Custard-like, with a four-song EP that, in the right circles, you couldn’t avoid hearing. Then they kinda stopped, apparently moved to Sydney, members came and went, and local shows became less-than-sporadic. The thing is, those four songs never got old. If you were a fan at the time, odds are you still have that EP on your iPod. So it is that five years later, there’s still a buzz about the second coming of Little Lovers. So how do the “new” songs, all five of them, sound? Largely, just like the first four. Opener Jonathan Richman contains all the singalong, clapalong, knowingly silly lyrics that made the band a synonym for FUN in the first place. Havin’ A Party, despite a crashing lo-fi sound, cowbells and even a portion of spoken word, sounds more like Custard than they ever have, and at just over three minutes, is the longest of the bunch. Country Girls adds a western twang, 1989 slows things down slightly like early Go-Betweens covering Blur’s Coffee & TV, before Robotz From Hell closes proceedings with a mock-angry splutter. Obviously content to follow their own path, an album from Little Lovers would be an intriguing prospect, but so long as they keep the fun, an average of one or two songs a year is fine by me.

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