Monday, February 15, 2010

Favourite find of '09 - Herman Dune

i discovered this band last year and I'm still can't stop listening to it. I love this song and this clip. He's weird take on the english language, twists his lyrics' into genius where others would be average. The film clip is awesome however I think I enjoy the pre-greenscreen version over the intended postproduction version. I love the Seaseme Street vibe too. check it out. Herman Dune.

Here it is with the green screen taking out.

I think I like this song of his more than the previous. I love the keys and the feel. The Lyrics again are fantastic, one of my favourite lines is; "I'm ten years from teenage and that's a frekin' lot, I think I'm getting old". Also I dig the guitar solo with the film clip showing it as keys... cheeky. Check it out, look out for the same crazy pink monster mask.

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