Friday, February 5, 2010

Headline Show at the Annandale

We're playing local rock show at local rock venue this month. So if you love live and local come on down to the Annandale on Sunday the 28th of February, that's right last day of summer lovin', and get your local rock gig on.

We're playing with Wifey, local rock band royalty; the Shakin' Howls, local sports team garage pole bearers and the Hurts, best new local talent for 2010.

Since we're fresh off the recording wagon, we'll play some tracks from forth coming EP and some new new ones to see how they go down. Expect a song about Conwea being a Warefoxx, I haven't written it yet but I will have by the 28th.

endorsed by local rock venue...

It'll probably look a lot like this...

an artist impression of the little lovers playing a local rock show

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