Monday, February 1, 2010


We recorded over the weekend with the legendary Camcorder. It was a blitz session of 5 songs over 2 days. Big thanks to Cam for his steller skills.

This guy >

Don't expect the recordings out too soon as we need to save up the money to release them but we got a 7" on the way before this anyhow. So unless someone wants to give us $2000 you'll just have to sit it out.
I didn't have much time to take any photos as I was under the pump with my fail guitar skills. I think Paul took some so I'll get them off me. We did eat some delicious food over the weekend that deserves a memorable mention; dang Peri Peri Chicken Pizza from Crust - Waaaaoooohhh and some pretty good burgers from Paul's Burgers, self proclaimed best burger in Australia, this required much descusion on the matter. The result it was a pretty tops burger but maybe not the best.
p.s. I only had my Iphone as a camera.

Oh, and then I found this photo on my phone but I have absolutley no recolection of taking it or remember seeing craig in his bagman getup.


  1. That was from the haircut! You know... "Oh we've been drinking allll dayyy and it's like 1am but let's give Craig a haircut" (May or may not be direct quote... too drunk to remember)