Sunday, May 13, 2012

Little Lovers catch up on 2012

Little Lovers are back on the playing shows carousel, check out dates!

May 27th - Annandale Music Markets - Unity Floors & Little Bastard
June 17th - Hollywood Hotel - Arvo show
PERTH June 29th - Rosemount - The Wine-Dark Sea EP launch

We've been writing and talking of recording. Who knows underground single/EP may come out when you least expect it. in the mean time here is a picture of Craig's Annandale brick. You better Craig *Shakes fist.

Why have we been so quite this year...

Well the Community Cup happend in Sydney for the first time. Wintah and Paul competed, Craig 'served' beers at the bar... sort of. Paul looked like your dad if he was an AFL star.

Wintah played aggressively off the ball, marking Fitzy for a couple of quarters, he later found out he cracked a rib after the alcohol wore off. Here's Wintah beating Merick Watts to the ball. 

Here's Captain Kirk and Captain Cooper enjoying an Australia's finest.

Although the Sailors walloped the Walers, Wintah some how ended up with the Cup drinking Reschs from it. Photo; Wintah, Paul and team manager Glenn.

I think it's safe to say that Paul is showing the above photo to Craig at the Henson Park Hotel.

We played Conrad Fest at the infamous Roxxy. What an all star Inner West line up. There should be some crazy photos somewhere. I'm looking toward Killian and Tom Dallow.

Wintah went on the Weezer cruise to see hie heroes Dinsosaur Jr. rip it up on the Lido deck when casting off from Mexico.

My favourite Paul photo.


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